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Do you want to become an officer? And you are going to prepare your self for the PPSC examination. But you are worried about that where you found the PPSC Past Papers.

You search many websites on the internet, but you don’t find 100% accurate results according to your expectations. Now, this TeachNets article guides you and gives you all the information related to the PPSC Past Papers. Before showing you and giving you the PPSC Past Papers, we have to know what is PPSC and what it stands for?.

What is PPSC?

The Punjab Public Service Commission is an administrative body of the provincial government. Punjab has the authority to conduct competitive examinations for the employment of officers of grade 17 or above. The PPSC conducts competitive studies when a post in Grade 17 or above is vacant and must be filled. Therefore, competitive PPSC examinations are held several times a year.

Most of the time, BA / BSc students are allowed to take PPSC exams while candidates with a master’s degree or above are invited for higher positions. Written tests are preliminary and successful candidates are called for interviews and psychological tests. Every year, thousands of candidates appear for the competitive PPSC examinations to qualify for Grade 17 or above posts in Punjab government departments and ministries.

PPSC candidates need to prepare for their exams using all kinds of study materials to get maximum marks. PPSC Past Papers provide essential information to the candidates about their exams. They inform the students about the crucial questions and questions mostly asked in PPSC competitive exams.

This information is beneficial for students to get good marks in their exams. This website allows PPSC candidates to download their required PPSC Past Papers from this site. There are past papers for each PPSC subject on this site, while candidates for each post can view and download their required PPSC Past Papers from this site for better preparation for their exams.

Selection Criteria for PPSC Lectureship (Lecturer)

At least two divisions in Masters Degree / BS are required to apply for the post of Lecturer.

Through PPSC, a candidate for the post of Lecturer is tested in three ways and finally. A recommendation is made based on a combination of the three. The following methods are: –

There are a maximum of 40 academic numbers and details such as,

In both cases, there is a total of 40 marks. These numbers are based on the percentage you receive. Candidates usually score between 30 and 36. There is a test of 100 marks, which is later halved, i.e., the marks obtained from 50 marks are counted instead of 100.

For example, if you get 60 marks out of 100 in the exam, you get 50 marks out of 30 will count. The test includes 100 MCQs (80 of the subject and 20 of the general knowledge). One number is given for one correct answer, while a 0.25 number is provided for one wrong answer.

You have been called for an interview based on your performance in the test. In the article, 5 times more candidates have been called for an interview than the number of seats. If there are 80 seats in Physics, 400 = (80 × 5) candidates will be called for interview based on the test results. The final candidate’s mark will be the final merit of this year.

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The interview number is 100. It consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of four persons, including a PPSC representative, two related subjects, and a psychologist. Sometimes a psychologist does not.

Numerous vacancies have been announced through PPSC for lecturers of all subjects. Both men and women can apply for any subject if they have 16 years of education in the subject. So if you want to pass the Master Level Subject Wise Test, which will be taken through PPSC, and wants to be selected, male and female candidates should start preparing from all the previous PPSC Past Papers we share with you. 

📌 Download PPSC Past Papers

Note: All the papers are in PDF form; you have to download them by following these few steps.

  1.  Click on the paper that’s you want to download.
  2. After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to google drive.
  3. In google drive, press “CTRL + A” (For select all) and click on the three dots on the top right corner, and select the download option to download the paper.


We hope that you will find and download all the PPSC Past Papers. If you did not find the paper, you want. You can freely send your request in the comments section or send us an email with our contact form; we will be contacting you as soon as possible.

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