Prayer to Avoid the Satanic Whispers of the Toilet

Prayer to Avoid the Satanic Whispers of the Toilet

The abusive and Satanic Whispers live in the toilet because they prefer to live in dirty places.

That is why in ancient times. People did not build toilets in their homes, but in the deserts, away from houses and populations for relief. Then over time, people changed and became accustomed to the facilities, so it was customary to make toilets with the houses first and then they came inside the house. And now it is with every room that “attic bathroom” has become the need of every home. These attic bathrooms have been brought to the house as well as the Satanic Whispers whose favourite place they are. That is why diseases, worries and conflicts in homes have increased. Now, since it is not possible to move the bathroom out of the house, it can be avoided by arranging masculine prayers. Tv 25 Urdu

Make it a habit to say Asalaam-al-Aikam when you enter the house, and secondly, every person in the house, whether a child or grown-up, teaches him to enter and exit the toilet and make it a habit. Those who are worried about illnesses, problems and conflicts in their homes should follow this process within a few days will get amazing results.

Entering and leaving the toilet

At the time of entry, first place the left and then the right foot in and when exiting, the first right and then the left foot out.

Prayer of entry

*’’ اَللّٰہُمَّ إنِّیْ أعُوْذُ بِکَ مِنَ الْخُبُثِ وَالْخَبَائِثِ ‘‘*

*’’ اے اللہ ! میں مذکر شیطانوں اور مؤنث شیطانوں سےتیری پناہ میں آتا ہوں ۔‘‘ (بخاری،مسلم )*

Prayer of exit

*’’ غُفْرَانَکَ ‘‘ ( ترمذی ، أبوداؤد ،ابن ماجہ )*

’’ اے اللہ ! میں تجھ سے معافی چاہتا ہوں ۔‘‘

Advance as much as you possibly can, and the reward will become charitable.

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