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IU Germany’s Largest Scholarship Program 2021

Germany’s largest scholarship program In a ___ Germany’s largest private university. Extra degree, extra benefit. New special offer from IU and LSBU, plus 80% scholarship. The International University of Applied Sciences (IU) in Germany and the University of London’s South Bank (LSBU) in the UK have teamed up to introduce a new “double degree” option to give students a chance to stand out from the crowd. International education has been central to the IU’s mission since its inception 20 years ago.

Flexible, online learning model Has enabled students to Europe, Africa, India And beyond to achieve a strong start in the internationally recognized education and working world. Now, it goes one step further, giving a new meaning to the international degree. IU has worked with LSBU to compile study equivalent study materials for its many renowned Bachelor, Master and MBA programs and specialties.

This means that when you complete your IU degree, you can choose Get a UK degree from LSBU (For an additional fee)) programs range from MBA and Master of Management degrees in IT, Finance and Accounting, and Engineering, to Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Computer Science and Data Science.

Study One program, get two degrees! But how?

The process is simple. Once you become an IU student, study one of the qualifications
Program , You just fill out the form available on the IU Self Service Student Platform To tell the IU team. Students already registered at IU can also sign up if they do not pass the required number of credits. More information available at IU website

LSBU recognizes selected study programs They have the same meaning, which means that when you successfully graduate from your IU degree, the London-based institution can also give you a UK certificate. The IU communicates on your behalf with the LSBU during the initial process, and

The LSBU will issue your UK degree once it becomes available. Extra degree above the same IU standard.

Extra degree above the same IU standard

  • The advantage of the IU and LSBU double degree option is that it offers you
    Restart with the need to take additional course credit or Travel to the UK to study.
  • It includes a well-recognized degree from Germany’s largest private university, with five stars for online learning. Star rating, A well-known British institution, with a degree from the University of London South Bank
  • The IU is already a great place Start your international career A full-time online learning experience, full-time and part-time models for distance learning and fully online exams, as well as the opportunity to study on campus in Germany.
  • IU offers practical, The latest material taught by professors With at least five years of professional industry experience. Constantly growing, celebrating access to the university 70,000 students this year, And provides competitive scholarships to ensure equal opportunities for students around the world.
  • Online students can be awarded scholarships of up to 80%!
  • The beginning of the journey a Really international degree.

How to apply

Join IU in this exciting opportunity to advance you on a great career. If you sign up first Four weeks Once you start your IU degree, you may be eligible to offer a Bird Degree with LSBU.That means you can save up to 500. Take a look IU website To learn more