Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2021-22 | Study in Switzerland

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Are you excited to study in Switzerland? The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2021-2022 welcomes international students to pursue their postgraduate studies. All foreign students will be selected by the Federal Commission for Scholarships (FCS).

The Swiss government Scholarships in Europe Looking for young, highly talented, well-educated researchers, and modern researchers with a PhD. Or get a master’s degree from around the world to do research, postdoctoral, or PhD Scholarships.

The Swiss Confederation Scholarship in Switzerland is awarded by the Swiss Confederation through the Swiss Confederation to promote international exchanges between more than 180 countries and Switzerland.

Candidates with research and art backgrounds can apply for the scholarship. Students pursuing a postgraduate research program can apply for a research scholarship at the doctoral or postdoctoral level, while candidates seeking a master’s degree in art can apply for an art scholarship.

Details of Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship:

Host country:

  • Switzerland


  • Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students.

Course level:

  • Master’s degree
  • Ph.D.
  • Postdoc
  • Research degree

Types of benefits:

Research Scholarship

  • Swiss Government Excellence Research Scholarship For international students
  • Swiss Government Excellence PhD Scholarship for International Students
  • Swiss Government Excellence Post Doctoral Scholarship for International Researchers

Art Scholarship

  • Candidates seeking a master’s degree in art can apply for an art scholarship.

Scholarship Duration:

  • Research Scholarship in Switzerland. 12 months
  • PhD Scholarship in Switzerland. 12 to 36 months (time period depends on academic achievement)
  • Post Doctor Scholarship. 12 months

Scholarship amount:

  • The amount of Swiss Scholarship 2021 varies from country to country. Please visit the official website for more information.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria for Swiss government scholarships vary from country to country. You must select your country by checking the eligibility criteria: Countries A – L / Countries M – Z

How to apply for Swiss Government Scholarship 2021:

There is no application fee for this scholarship in Switzerland.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2021-22 | Study in Switzerland

Highlights for the Switzerland Government Scholarship 2021:

One of the great initiatives of this scholarship program is to contact a Swiss professor for a letter of acceptance.

You should keep the following in mind when contacting a professor for supervision.

  • You should know How to contact the professor for an acceptance letter
  • Contact or email the professor as soon as possible. Many students do not receive a letter of acceptance because they contact the professor too late.
  • Read and understand the profile of Swiss professors (Swiss professors look for standard students and jobs)
  • Don’t send low quality emails. Be sure to read the professor’s work and send the appropriate email
  • Don’t send too many emails

Selection Procedure:

  • Candidates will be selected by professors from Swiss public universities on the basis of a candidate’s scientific and intellectual merit.
  • Preliminary selection will be made by Swiss diplomatic missions or national authorities.
  • The Federal Commission for Scholarships (FCS) for foreign students will review shortlist applications.

Selection criteria:

Scholarship applications are evaluated based on 3 criteria.

  • Candidate profile
  • Ability and enthusiasm for future research collaboration.
  • Research project quality or artwork

Application deadline:

  • Application deadlines vary from country to country. The results of the Swiss Scholarship will be announced by the end of May 2021.