Slogans are ripping Asia, and red lights are being flown

Slogans are ripping Asia, and red lights are being flown

Fashion is revolutionary nowadays. Slogans are ripping Asia, and red lights are being flown, surging aspirations are in the hearts and death songs are being sung in the romantic style of Bhagat Singh. It is heartening to swallow on execution.

Even if the ritual is an occasion, why not repeat the story of a true Machi revolution! Nikolai Zhou Shisko was a revolutionary leader, in 1965 he became secretary-general of the Communist Party of Romania and later the prime minister. For 24 years, this man has been an unlicensed owner of Romania.

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Some clips from Faiz Festival 2019, where a group of students denouncing the system of oppression & censorship through poetry. Faiz Ahmed Faiz is one of Urdu’s most celebrated poet, writer, author & lived his whole life fighting Oppression, Violence, Injustice, Civilian Fascism & Military Dictatorship. Faiz isn’t just a poet he is an icon & an inspiration for revolutionaries all across Pakistan. Faiz also inspired generations of poets (significantly Habib Jalib & Ahmed Faraz) to use their words against the system & faced hardships along with numerous attempts to silence them & censore their poetry. The verses written by Faiz, Jalib, Faraz & so on… fought against the unconstitutional doctrines of Ayub, Yahya, Zia & Mussharaf & the exploiting regimes of Sharif & Bhuttos. Years later, Pakistanis are chanting the same verses against the unconstitutional doctrine of Bajwa & exploiting regime of Niazi. 35 Years Ago, a military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq banned Student Unions across Pakistan & later on, for 35 years civilian & military rulers stood along & supported that ban. On 29th November 2019, Student Action Committee is marching from Istanbul Chowk, Lahore to Punjab Assembly Lahore for the revival of Student Unions along with various other demands. The chant in first video is from a poem سرفروشی کی تمنا written by Bismil Azeemabadi against British Raj & now years later the students are chanting the same chant against this Raj of oppression, censorship, violence, injustice, civilian fascism & military dictatorship at the girl leading the chants is @aroojaurangzeb The videos were shot at #faizfestival & obtained from twitter account of @shiraz.hassan Hope to see more enthusiasm, spirit & devotion at #studentsolidaritymarch 🌟❤️

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During this time, Zhou Shisuke adopted a bold and independent foreign policy and declared Soviet supremacy over Romania unacceptable, not only because of the Warsaw Pact but also by the Warsaw Allied invasion of Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union Afghanistan, condemned the attack.

The leaders who have the eyes of the superpower look useful to everyone, so Zhou Shisuke also put a right hand on the pulse of the people and gained popularity. Still, then Zhou Shisuke did all that the dictator did to maintain his power. He created secret police whose job was to crush the resistance, tolerate any criticism or opposition from Zhou Shisuke, so the masses were secretly monitored and then with the help of the police, the opposing ideologists were harassed. And if they did not refrain, they would have been made fake cases and locked in prisons.

With the economy, Zhou Shisuke did the same, in 1982, to remove the debt burden on the country as a result of unstable economic policies, he ordered that maximum agricultural and industrial products be imported. As a result, there was a severe shortage of food, oil, medicines, and essential commodities in the country and the daily life of the people became impoverished. Then something happened in Romania that no one expected.

In a Romanian city of Timisoara, a small ethnic riot escalated into an anti-government protest that police fired on December 17, 1989, to kill several people, including children and women. The next day, Zhou went on a trip to Iran and was entrusted with his wife and superiors to crush the uprising until his arrival, but until his return on December 20, the situation worsened. It said that it was a conspiracy to destabilize Romania of the external forces, the effect of the address was that people who did not even know that anti-government protests were happening.

The next day, December 21, Zhou Shisuke decided to hold a public meeting at Revolutionary Square in the capital Bucharest. Standing in the balcony of the Communist Party headquarters building, Zhou Shisuke began his speech, accompanied by his wife Elena, and senior government officials and military officials. Thousands of people gathered to listen to his address, Zhou Shinsuke had made dozens of such speeches before, but this time it was not even in anyone’s opinion.

As soon as his speech was minutes away, the crowd began haunting, as Zhou Shisuke snake, his face disappeared, he could not believe that this was the Romania where he was not willing. No one could do that and today, in the city of Bucharest, people are voicing their voices amid his speech, how could that be! Zhou Shisuke’s speech has been seen on YouTube and has been viewed millions of times, and his facial expressions are inexplicable; he repeatedly says hello to Mike as if it were all Mike’s fault that people were hooting.

Zhou Shisuke’s speech not only proved to be the last nail in the coffin of communism in Eastern Europe but also caused Zhou Shisuke’s coffin. Zhou Shisuke saw before his eyes what the real revolution was like, after the speech, Zhou Shisuke went inside the building, but people started to clash on the streets of Bucharest.

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The clashes between the police and the protesters began, and by night hundreds of protesters were arrested. The next day, on the morning of December 22, protests spread all over the country, but Zhou Shisuke took control of the army but to no avail. Could not find Shisuke who escaped from the roof of the building with his wife in a helicopter but this method did not work because the army and police had withdrawn his support.

On December 25, 1989, Chou-Shinsuke and his wife were arrested and produced in a small courtroom, and at the same time, they were judged guilty of murder and ordered to shoot. Immediately the action took place, and Zhou Shisuke and his wife were pulled together and fried with bullets.

In just eight days from December 17, 1989, to December 25, what happened in Romania is an excellent story of revolution, the real revolution was not what Chau Shisuke claimed in 1965, the real revolution was when during an unidentified speech during Zhou Shisko’s speech. The person dared to challenge him, and Zhou Shisuke was shaking. This unknown man had the desire to rise in the heart, the same passion in the hearts of our youth today!

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