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People come in all shapes and sizes, but with more than 7 billion people on earth, there’s a lot of room for some exceptional sizes and there are some real life giants alive to prove it. But just think how difficult daily life must be for someone that big. Ready to hear about the lives of the largest people on earth?

Tallest Man In The world
sultan kosen

Let’s get it on! Where better to start than with the world’s tallest living man? Sultan Kosen is one of only 10 people in all of human history that is taller than 8 foot tall – in fact, he’s so tall he was deemed too tall to play basketball! He also holds the world record for largest hands on a living person

– in case you’re wondering, they’re 11.22 inches. He seemed to take a light-hearted outlook on his height, saying how useful it was whenever he had to help his mom change a lightbulb, but the truth is, it nearly killed him.

Tallest man

Luckily, being named the tallest man alive made him famous enough to get the life-saving, revolutionary gamma-knife surgery he needed – the surgeons offered to operate free of charge on the tumour that was causing his pituitary gland to continually release growth hormone,

finally stopping his body at a height of 8 foot 1. He has now traded in farming for an acting career, and fulfilled his dream of getting married – so this tall tale has a happy ending.

Bodybuilders are always intimidating, but Oliver Richters a.k.a The Dutch Giant, takes that to a whole new level with his towering 7 foot 2 height. He’s the world’s tallest bodybuilder and at 330 pounds, he really is an imposing figure.

His size isn’t news to him though – he was big even as a baby when doctors couldn’t fit him into the incubator as a newborn, and he was already over 6 foot 5 at the age of 14.

world most tall man

But at that time, he was slender and skinny. Then he started going to the gym and switched to a strict diet of 6400 calories a day, including 450 grams of protein, and that’s how he became what he is today. You would think he would be happy with his size now – after all, he said he felt like a walking skeleton as a teenager,

but he says that there’s still room for improvement despite his impressive physique. The last place you want to come face to face with a giant is in the wrestling ring – unfortunately for WWE wrestler’s, that’s where you’re likely to meet Dalip Singh Rana, a.k.a The Great Khali.

This Indian-born man was almost destined to be a great wrestler – he towers over everyone at a ginormous 7 foot 3, and backs up his height with a weight of 420 pounds. He’s so strong that back in the day before he became a famous wrestler, when he was working as a labourer building roads and breaking rocks,

women in his village used to call on him to lift cattle over fences as an easy way to move them to a different paddock. That’s definitely impressive, but he’s come a long way since then.

The Tallest Man In The World

He’s moved into acting since he gained fame in WWE, starring in Get Smart with Steve Carell and now being offered roles in big Bollywood movies, so hopefully he’ll be able to buy a car he can comfortably fit in soon. To us comparatively short people, a double bed being a problematic size isn’t something we think about,

but Paul Sturgess has been sleeping diagonally in his bed to try and fit all his life. He’s the UK’s tallest man and he’s over 7 foot 7, so it took someone finally making him a custom 8 foot bed in 2018 for him to finally have a good night’s sleep on a piece of furniture that fits him.

Being the UK’s tallest man isn’t Paul’s only claim to fame though – he also might be the world’s tallest basketball player – his size 18 shoes have graced the courts with the Harlem Globetrotters no less! As we’ve learnt though, keeping fit at that height is no easy feat – he eats a shocking 7,000 calories a day! But at least he doesn’t have to worry about the bed anymore.

The tallest man in America has a pretty interesting story to tell about how he got there. Igor Vovkovinskiy was born in Ukraine but was brought to America at the age of 7 because his parents were worried about his height – at that young age, he was already 5 foot 4.

Lamba Aadmi

The Ukrainian doctors didn’t have the facilities to operate on the tumour he had pressing against his pituitary gland that was causing the excessive production of growth hormone that was making him so tall, and it took his mother writing letters to doctors all over the world to find an answer to her son’s problem. Now, he’s over 7 foot 8 inches, making him the tallest living man in the US, but it’s not all good.

He suffers from a lot of pain and has already had to undergo 25 surgeries on his left leg alone. Still, the tumour that was threatening his life by causing his condition has been removed, so hopefully things will start going his way.

You obviously need a lot of skill in basketball, but even without that, it must be helpful to be able to comfortably put both hands on the basket while standing on the ground, like Robert Bobroczkyi can. The Romanian has dreams of joining the NBA, and if he did, he would become one of the 3 tallest men to play in the league.

But while his staggering 7 foot 7 height could be an advantage, it doesn’t always work in his favour. He developed scoliosis which gives him constant back pain and his height does make it very difficult to sustain his weight – as a 195 pound 17 year old,

he was eating 4,500 calories a day to try and increase his weight by one pound every month, and eating that much definitely isn’t easy when you can hardly sit on a standard chair and your fork has to travel so far to reach your mouth. You probably weren’t expecting to see a woman on this list, but you better prepare yourself to be impressed by Lindsay Hayward.

This American is tall by anyone’s standards – she’s 6 foot 9 and has been since she was 13. It’s probably not surprising being such a tall girl meant she got bullied a lot, but it might have helped her later when she decided she wanted to prove that nobody could mess with her and she became a wrestler. She got famous for picking up male wrestlers and spinning them over her head before throwing them onto the floor

, which is definitely an unusual move for a woman. Since then though, she moved out of wrestling and is trying to make it as an actress which is no easy feat for a woman of her height, especially when photographers tend to photograph her from unflattering angles because they’re so much shorter than her.

The next place on this list goes to a height of more than 13 feet 10 inches. Of course, that’s not possible for one person – there are two of them. They’re the world’s tallest couple according to the Guinness World Records. They’re both seriously tall in their own right: Sun Mingming is 7 foot 9 inches and Xu Yan is 6 foot 2,

and together they tower over everyone. They met at the National Games of China, which is not surprising because they’re both accomplished sport stars – him in basketball and her in handball. They fell in love and got married in 2013, which probably makes sense – it must be refreshing to find someone who understands how much of a struggle just riding in a car or getting on a plane can be to someone as tall as they are.

Long legs on a woman are always eye-catching, so you have to bet Ekaterina Lisina gets a lot of attention: she holds the Guinness World record for the World’s Longest Legs – they’re a striking 52 inches long! She was bullied at school so she hopes this will be an inspiration to girls lacking confidence, but she has no shortage of inspirational achievements. She’s been a very successful basketball player, winning bronze with the Russian team at the 2008 Olympics.

She has since given up basketball in favour of a modelling career, and also holds the Guinness World Record Title for the World’s Tallest Professional Model – that’s right, it’s not just her legs that are impressively long, she’s a breathtaking 6 foot 8.77 inches tall! She’s a successful model now, which is genuinely impressive for a woman who can’t find trousers that fit her and can hardly find feminine shoes that fit her size 47 feet.

I guess those long legs are irresistible to fashion photographers. Earning a nickname like Thor is no easy feat, but Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson almost seems destined for it. Aside from his 6 foot 9 inch height that forces people to literally look up to him, he’s also impressively strong. After being forced to retire from basketball due to a knee injury, he was encouraged to become a strongman and now has a whole treasure trove of awards to prove that his 425 pound weight is mostly solid muscle.

Aside from being the strongest man in Iceland for several years running, he’s also won Europe’s strongest man 5 times and is the third strongest man in the world. He definitely earned it, even just for having to eat every 2 hours to maintain his weight. But if you’re wondering why you recognise him even though you don’t follow this stuff, it’s because he became famous for playing The Mountain in Game of Thrones – a fitting name for sure.

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