Telenor 3G/4G Internet Settings: 5 Working Methods (April 2021)

Telenor 3G/4G Internet Settings: 5 Working Methods (April 2021)

With a fast internet connection, Telenor offers very appealing and economical internet packages. If you have 3G, 4G internet configuration in your mobile phone then you can use this net service. Here, I am going to explain the different ways to configure Telenor 3G, 4G internet on your Android phone. Let’s move on to the settings methods.

Method 1: Manual configuration for Telenor 4G LTE / 3G Internet packages

You can manually change your handset settings to use Telenor’s Internet services. In this context, first add WAP settings.

    • First, launch “Settings” on your mobile phone.
    • Select the “Wireless and Networks” category from here.
    • Tap “Mobile Network” here.
    • Now tap on “Access Point Name“.
    • In the top right corner, you’ll see the “Add” button. Select it to proceed.
    • Now enter the following parameters here.
Type name Parameters
Name Telenor Internet
APN Internet
Username Telenor
Password Telenor
APN type Sabel (default)
WAP gateway IP
Port (if required) 9201
Port (if required for HTTP mobile set 8080
MCC 410

Leave other fields unchanged.

Internet / EDG / GPRS configurations

    • Open “Settings” again.
    • Tap on “Wireless & Networks” from here.
    • Now tap “Mobile Network” from the menu.
    • Now select “Access Point Name“.
    • From the upper right corner of the window, select the “Add” option.
    • Now add the following parameters.
Type name Parameters
Access point node / name Internet
Login name Telenor (this issue is sensitive)
Password Telenor (this issue is sensitive)
WAP gateway IP
Port (if required) 9201 or set it to “0”
Port (if required for HTTP handset 8080
MCC 410

Leave like all other fields. Do not edit them.

MMS configuration

    • Open “Settings” on your handset again.
    • Tap on the “Wireless and Networks” category here.
    • Now select “Mobile Network” from here.
    • Tap on “Access Point Name” option.
    • The “Add” button will be shown in the top right corner. Select it.

Now enter the following parameters

Type name Parameters
Access Location Name MMS
Login name Telenor
Password Telenor
MMS proxy
Port (if required) 9201
Port (if needed for HTTP handset) 8080
MMSC http: // mmstelenor

Leave like all other fields. Do not edit them.


Type name parameter
Bearer type 1 GPRS
GPRSAPN name Telenorbug
Username Telenor
Profile name Telenor Internet
Home page

Note: if your device does not store the above settings, simply add “IP Address / Proxy:” and “Port: 8004” and tap “Save.”


Type name parameter
Data bearer GPRS
GPRS access point MMS
Username MMS
IP address
Port 8004
Profile name Telenor MMS
Home page Http: // mmsc

Method 2: Telenor Internet / MMS settings via SMS

If you don’t want to follow the manual, use the SMS service for this purpose only. You can get Internet, MMS settings using SMS.

    • To receive Internet settings
    • Type “internet” and send it to 131
    • To receive WAP settings
    • Type “wap” and send it to 131
    • To receive MMS settings
    • Type “MMS” and send it to 131
    • To receive all handset settings
    • Type “All” and send it to 131

Method 3: Activate Internet settings using the call service

If you are not familiar with the methods discussed above, just enable Internet settings using Telenor’s call service. Just dial “345” and ask the customer representative for internet settings. Provide her handset model and Mac. It will help you to enable the required settings.

Method 4: Internet Settings via Website

Create your account on Telenor’s website and log in to your account.

Now, open the “Handset Settings” page from here.

Find handset and model type here. Once found, select it and save the relevant settings on your mobile phone.

Method 5: Automatic Telenor Internet settings on the new mobile set

If you have purchased a new handset, you do not need to manually add Internet settings to your mobile set. If you insert the SIM card, the settings will be automatically received. Only the “Save” or “Install” option appears on the screen and that’s all.

Enjoy fast browsing with Telenor without any hassle.


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