Telenor Daily Internet Package – Telenor Net Package

Telenor Daily Internet Package - Telenor Net Package

Telenor daily internet package is for everyone. If you are a student and want to browse some essential notes online, proceed to explore without worrying about data usage. Telenor offers different Telenor internet package daily for all people at different times. If you only care about staying in touch with your friends and classmates on social networking sites, Telenor doesn’t disappoint you. You can enjoy the Telenor Social Bundle. Here are the daily packages. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Telenor Daily Internet Package Code

Raat Din Offer Rs. 18 1.5 GB 12 Hours (12 AM – 12 PM) *150#
4G Daily Lite Bundle Rs. 14.28 50 MB 1 Day *12#
YouTube Bundle Rs. 8 incl. Tax 500 MB 1 day (till midnight) *60#
Social Pack (Free Facebook and Whatsapp) Rs. 1.19 50 MB 1 day *311#

Terms & Conditions

  1. After the daily charge of Rs 60 at the default rate, further use will be completely free for the rest of the day (750MB Fair Use Policy).
  2. The Bundle will work on 4G, 3G and 2G.
  3. Use of the default rate will be charged 12 / MB on 3G and 4G without the purchase of bundles.
  4. The default rate used will be 21.5 / MB on 2G without the purchase of bundles.

Telenor Daily Internet Package for Prepaid Customers

Telenor offers three different Telenor daily internet package for its prepaid customers. You can select the Bundle of your choice. The first one is Telenor Daily Light Bundle, which brings you the best of Class 4G at fast and affordable rates. The other is a Telenor night-time offer that lets you stay up for hours. Fetch a crazy amount of data. The latest Telenor video bundle enables you to watch as many videos as you can for one hour on YouTube, Daily Motion, and Pocket TV.

What is the internet package of Telenor?

Telenor provides many internet packages like Telenor daily internet package 1.5 GB the activation code of this package is *150#. And the other package is Telenor daily internet package 6 am to 6 pm code or Telenor daily internet package 6 to 6.

How can I check Telenor data pack?

Telenor users can test the use of Telenor number GPRS 2G / 3G / 4G Internet data with the USSD service or short SMS code. You can dial * 121 # to check Telenor 3G / 4g net balance with these codes. You can download the Telenor app to check 3G / 4G net balance.

Is WhatsApp free on Telenor?

Now enjoy the free WhatsApp app with Telenor for unlimited messaging, photo and video sharing.

How can I subscribe Telenor WhatsApp package?

Telenor 3-day WhatsApp package
➫ You will be charged 40 rupees.
➫ You can use it in 3 days.
➫ It will provide you with 50MB of data.
➫ Dial * 5 * 3 # to subscribe.
➫ You can enjoy 100MB of the internet for social apps including WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.
➫ You will also get 250 on-net and 250 on-net minutes.
➫ You will also have 250 SMS.

About Telenor Daily Internet Package

Located in Norway, Telenor Group is an international telecommunications company with a strong footprint in the Pakistani market. Like any other telecommunication company, Telenor also offers its distinguished customers various and valuable Telenor internet package. As a result, you will be able to find the Telenor Internet Packages 2019 list in this article. There is always the option to bookmark a site, especially if every Internet offer is under one roof.

Telenor is one of the world’s mobile telecommunications companies operating in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. Also, it is a 4G 850 MHz spectrum auction winner. Telenor is offering various Telenor net packages for its customers. In this article, I am going to refer you to all the prepaid and postpaid Telenor 4G Internet packages for you guys. So, let’s get started now. In this article, you will find the full details of the Telenor 4g packages.

Telenor is one of the leading brands operating in Pakistan. Telenor always offers a wide range of Telenor internet packages for its customers. These packages include 3G / 4G data services which start at a low price of Rs 6000. The company offers a large number of Telenor packages to its customer’s package for one day, seven days or a month.

Telenor also offers packages for devices. The packages mentioned above also have other services such as

  • General Chat Chat Lounge Free SMS
  • free on-net minutes
  • off free net minutes

Telenor also provides you with Telenor Facebook Flex, which lets you enjoy the basics of Facebook all day long. Telenor Social Media Package gives you the freedom to enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. These social media sites have become very important to everyone. Now everyone can access it in just 24 rupees in 24 hours. Telenor also provides Telenor internet packages free. Similarly, Telenor Easy Card offers you an offer that allows you to enjoy 500 MB of internet data, SMS on SMS with internet data of 500 MB for a cost of 500 MB. ۔ A similar package also offers Telenor, which includes all in one. One week. If you want to use the internet for a large amount of data, you can use Telenor Dongle. On these devices, you can get the Heavy Duty Package for your Internet purposes. Telenor packages for these devices are Telenor unlimited internet package, and Telenor 4G Monthly Light Package gives you 180GB and 25GB for 6000 and 1500 prices respectively.

Telenor Device Packages

Instead of Telenor Net Packages, Telenor introduces 3G and FourG devices at different prices in the market with varying bundles of 3G and 4G internet packages. Telenor brings you the best Internet experience with your technologically advanced dongles (Dongle is a 3G device provided by Telenor). Telenor Company provides us with Telenor Dongle, and with Telenor 3G Internet, Telenor Wingle devices come with up to 30GB data limit per month. These devices come with a two-month free trial with a data limit of up to 60 months.

Telenor 3G Packages

The Telenor 3G bundle is highly integrated with users. This is for all prepaid and postpaid users. It also works on 2G packets. And Telenor 4G package works for 2G, 3G and 4G packets. It is intended for consumers in the category of Telenor internet package weekly 4g Usage and will address high volume needs (as users have requested). It also helps improve Telenor Pakistan’s competitiveness in the weekly upper class. Telenor offers the best 3G experience, with excellent 3G and 4G connections with unparalleled coverage, fast and affordable rates. The speed of Telenor Net packages depends on the distance; the number of users, the website is accessed.

Telenor Social Package 

Telenor also provides its customers with Telenor Social Pack. In this, what do we do? Subs No Telenor Net Package is required through any subscription from which we can get Telenor Free Social Pack. It provides its users free Facebook, Telenor WhatsApp package to share photos, videos and more throughout the day and experiences the best internet services. This is for Telenor prepaid customers. The customer will receive it only if he or she communicates with the third party via the hotspot.

PTA Survey for Telenor

According to the PTA survey, Telenor’s Internet speed is second (1.94), followed by Mobilink in this category. In many cities, the power of the Telenor signal is high or. According to the survey, the signal strength is (-74.87), which means that Telenor has more signal strength than Ufone. Telenor Network also has .999..9, which is better for users than Ufone. The possibility of this service being fixed is stopped under the device. Telenor is ranked there.


This concludes our list of Telenor daily internet packages. Hopefully, we have left the correct information, and you will be allowed to connect to the web in no time!


Some of the terms and conditions that apply to all packages are: (directly referenced from Telenor’s website)

  • Use of the default rate will be charged 12 / MB on 3G and 4G without the purchase of bundles.
  • The default rate used will be 21.5 / MB on 2G without the purchase of bundles.
  • After 60 days of daily charging at the default rate, further use will be entirely free for the rest of the day (750MB Fair Use Policy).

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