Telenor SMS Packages 2021: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Telenor SMS Packages 2021: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

In Scandinavia and Asia, Telenor Pakistan Pvt Ltd owns the Telenor Group. It is regarded as Pakistan’s second largest telecommunications company. Currently, it covers 44 million Pakistan-wide subscribers. It thus holds 28% of the cellular market with over 1900 employees and 11,000 cellular locations.

Telenor tries to deliver very competitive post-paid and prepayment deals. Since the telecommunications company covers a broad rural area in Pakistan, it seeks to implement the cheapest packages. Here I will address Telenor Pakistan’s SMS packages. For users who are insane chatters, Telenor brings really enticing SMS bundles.

Let’s see how comfortable it gives Telenor users bundles. I will explore its SMS bundles every day, weekly and monthly.

Telenor SMS Packages for Prepaid Users: Telenor Daily SMS Package

Communicating by text provides your life with more protection. If you sit and email someone, nobody will guess what you are typing. So your conversation with your loved ones stays private. Your privacy cannot be interfered with by anyone. Therefore, people tend to communicate via SMS compared to calls. Telenor is also more aware of your talking needs.

In different hours of the day, it carries different SMS packets. The Telenor regular SMS packages are for prepay users who are not wild chatters and only a few people choose to use the SMS service. However, if you belong to the small business sector and need SMS services to promote the business, you will certainly have these packages. Check it and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Telenor Daily SMS PackageRs 2.5300 SMS24 HoursDial *2*2*1#Automatically expires
Daily SMS BundleRs 4.78240 SMS24 HoursDial *345*116#Automatically expires after 24 hours

Telenor 3-Days & 5-Days SMS Package 

Can’t find an appropriate SMS deal in everyday packages? Moving down to packets of 3-days and 5-days. You can choose any 3-day or 5-day SMS packages bid. They can be found in the price range Rs 7 to Rs 40. These deals are valid for a limited period of time, but you can certainly make use of them at reasonable prices. In addition, these SMS packages are more accessible to those who do not want 15 or 30 days to use a long SMS package. Check them below. 

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Telenor 3/3 Mini Budget Package39 Rs300 SMS600 On-net minutes, 50MBs internet data (2G, 3G)3 DaysDial *345*243#Automatically expires after 3 days
Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Package40 Rs250 SMS250 On-net Minutes, 25 Off-net Minutes, 50MBs Internet Data, 100MB for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter3 DaysDial *5*3#Automatically expires after 3 days
Telenor  5-Days SMS Package7 Rs300 SMS to all networks5 DaysDial *345*015# Or Dial 555

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Some people get upset if they go through the subscription process over and over again. While everyday SMS packages are cheaper, when you subscribe every day, they become more expensive. For insane chatting, Telenor delivers unlimited weekly SMS deals. You can always pick one of them to be linked to the group of your mates.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Telenor Weekly Messaging BundleRs 11.951200 SMS100MB7 DaysDial *2*2*2#Automatically expires after 7 days
Telenor Weekly SMS PackageRs 15.51200 SMSN/A7 DaysActivate through My Telenor AppAutomatically expires after 7 days
Telenor Easycard Weekly PackageRs 170500 SMS500 On-net Minutes, 50 Off-net Minutes, 750MBs internet data 7 DaysLoad an EasyCard recharge to subscribe this offerAutomatically expires after 7 days
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat PackageRs 95700 SMS1000 On-net Minutes, 70 Off-net Minutes, 100MBs internet Data, 350MBs (For WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter)7 DaysDial *5*7#Automatically expires after 7 days
Telenor 7 Days Mini Budget PackageRs 861000 SMS500 On-net minutes, 50MB Internet Data7 DaysDial *345*247#Automatically expires after 7 days

Telenor Fortnightly & Monthly SMS Bundles

Would you like anything more special? Well, For users who want to skip the subscription phase, Telenor has launched some long-term SMS packages. These SMS packages are available in various price ranges over time. You can choose the one that meets your chat requirements. These SMS packages are available every quarter and month. You can choose one of them.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeFreebies
Telenor 15 Days SMS Package14.50 Rs600 SMS15 DaysDial *345*112#
Telenor Monthly SMS Package40 Rs5000 SMS to all networks30 DaysDial *345*363#
Telenor EasyCard350 Rs500 SMS to all networks30 DaysLoad EasyCard to subscribe this offer500 On-net Minutes, 50 Off-net Minutes, 500MBs internet data
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package418 Rs3000 SMS to all networks30 DaysDial *345*30#3000 On-net minutes, 300 Internet Data
Telenor EasyCard Plus Package600 Rs1500 SMS to all networks30 DaysLoad EasyCard Plus to subscribe this offer1500 On-net Minutes, 150 Off-net minutes, 1.5GB Internet Data

Terms and Conditions

  • The above-mentioned packages are for prepaid Telenor users only.
  • Just one SMS packet can be subscribed at a time. If you use one SMS subscription and choose to subscribe to another, the first one is automatically unsubscribed.
  • The SMS can be sent to any Pakistani network.
  • The shipments do not contain foreign messages. Even in international roaming, to use international messaging service, you need to subscribe to the international message kit.
  • The business can still freeze any bid.
  • Tax is included in all kit sales.

Telenor SMS Packages for Postpaid Users

Telenor should not forget its customers after payment. Some cheap message packages are also offered. However, they don’t have many options including regular, weekly and monthly SMS packages for prepaid users. Just a few SMS packages are provided which are valid for one month. These packages allow them to send a message at all times to any network in Pakistan. Here are their descriptions.

Offer NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeDe-activation
SMS Bundle 3030 Rs + tax250 SMS30 DaysDial *345*761#Automatically expires after 30 days
SMS Bundle 6060 Rs + tax600 SMS30 DaysDial *345*762#Automatically expires after 30 days
SMS Bundle 200200 Rs + tax6000 SMS30 DaysDial *345*763#Automatically expires after 30 days
  • The above SMS packages are available for all postpaid customers regardless of their current plan.
  • These packages are offered by the company for a limited time.
  • These are not valid for sending SMS from Pakistan to a foreign destination.
  • They are not re-subscribed automatically when the validity is over. You must re-subscribe with the USSD code.
  • The package price does not include the tax.
  • If the account balance is sufficient, then the SMS kit will be re-subscribed automatically after its validity is over.

These are all guys! I’ve been trying to add all Telenor SMS latest packages to the list. If you feel there is no SMS package on the list, let me know in the following comments. Your comments are waiting for you.

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