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The Dove and The Honey Bee Moral Stories In English

“ One good turn deserves another” is an oft-quoted proverb. It means if we help others in their difficulties, they will help us in our problems. If we do good for others, they will do good for us. We should not hate even a tiny creature of Allah because it may prove helpful at any time. Love begets, love, and kindness generate kindness. There is a famous Moral Story “The Dove and The Bee Story” to illustrate the truth of this proverb.

One day a honey bee was very thirsty. It went to a river to drink some water. But it was driven away by the waves. A dove was sitting in her nest. She saw that the honey bee was unable to fly and was about to drown.

She took pity on the poor honey bee. She, at once, plucked a leaf and dropped it near the bee. The bee somehow or the other succeeded in climbing over the leaf. He dried his wings in the sun and flew away. The honey bee thanked the dove for saving it life. They became friends.

After a few days, the dove was sitting on the branch of a tree. A hunter happened to come there. He saw the dove. He loaded his gun to shoot her down. He had aimed the dove. The honey bee that was flying here and there happened to see all that.

Did you know? What honey bees do? It, at once, flew towards the hunter and stung him on his hand. The hunter felt a jerk and missed his aim. The dove flew away with the bang of the gun and saved her life. Thus she received the reward of her noble deed done to the honey bee.

Moral of the The Dove and The Bee Story

  1. Kindness never goes unrewarded.
  2. Do good, have good.
  3. One right turn deserves another.
  4. Virtue is its reward
  5. Do unto others as you wish to be done by.

The Dove and The Honey Bee Story

There was a bee. Once, She was going over a flying pond. Suddenly she fell into the water of the pond. His wings got wet. Now she could not fly. His death was certain.

The dove was sitting on the tree near the pond. He saw the bee drowning in water. The dove broke a leaf from the tree. Raised him in his beak and dropped it near the bee in the pond. Slowly the bee climbed on that leaf. After a while, its wings dried up. He thanked the dove. Then she flew away.

A few days later, there was a crisis on the dove. He was sleeping blindly on a tree branch. Then a boy targeted him with a slingshot. The dove was unaware of this danger. But the bee had targeted the boy. The bee flew and reached the boy. He bites the boy’s hand. The catapult fell from the boy’s hand. He started screaming in pain. The dove woke up on hearing the boy’s scream. He thanked a bee for saving his life and flew off with fun.

Moral of the The Dove and The Bee Story – Good people always help others.

The Dove and The Honey Bee Story | Moral Stories In English

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