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” It is sad that outward appearances are often deceptive. What appears useful and good may prove useless and harmful. Therefore, we should not be jealous of the appearance of people and things. That’s why it is said, ” All that glitters is not gold.” The following moral story, ” A Foolish Stag Story,” proves the truth of this saying. “

A Foolish Stag Story

Once a stag was very thirsty. He went to a nearby stream. The river water was very clear and cold. While drinking water, the foolish stag saw his own reflection in the clear running water. He was very happy to see his beautiful horns and felt proud of his horns. When he looked at his thin and lean legs, he felt very sorrow. He disliked his thin and ugly legs. He thought that his thin and ugly legs were a shame for him. He cursed his legs.

All of a sudden, he heard the howling of hounds and hunter’s horse. He saw a pack of hounds running towards him at a very short distance. The foolish stag was filled with fear. He wanted to save his life at every cost. He ran at the top of his speed and reached the depth of the forest. His thin and ugly legs which he did not like were of great help to him to save his life. They carried him far away from the hounds within no time. He reached in the depth part of the forest.

There were thick bushes growing there. Unfortunately, His long antlers got caught in the bushes. He tried to free himself but could not. Meanwhile, the hounds reached there, and they attacked him. His beautiful horns of which he was so proud will not let him move and brought about his death. The hounds reached there and tore foolish stag into pieces.

Moral of The A Foolish Stag Story

  1. All that glitters is not gold.
  2. Appearances are often deceptive.
  3. Pride hath a fall.
  4. Do not find fault with the divine hand.

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