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Life is action, not contemplation. Man has to face good and adverse conditions. He feels comfortable when the conditions are pleasant and favorable, but he is disappointed when the conditions are unpleasant and unfavorable. Continuous effort leads to the desired results. We must not lose heart in the face of difficulties. We can gain nothing if we do not make an effort. If once we fail, we must not be disappointed, but we should try again and again. “ God helps those who help themselves” is an oft-quoted proverb which means if we want God’s help, we must make an effort. There are famous Motivational Stories to illustrate the truth of this proverb.

Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. He was a fearless person. He decided to liberate his country from the British. He fought many battles against the British but could not succeed in his aim. He had to suffer defeat every time. Once he had to run for his life. He took refuge in a cave.

All of a sudden, Robert Bruce saw a spider that had fallen from its cobweb and was hanging by its silken thread. It tried to reach its cobweb but slipped and fell. The spider did not lose heart and tried again, but fell. The spider attempted nine times, but it could not succeed in its mission. The king thought that the spider could try no more. But he was surprised to see that the spider was trying for the tenth time to reach its web. This time the spider succeeded. This successful attempt of the spider encouraged Robert Bruce. He said to himself, “ If a small spider can succeed by trying again and again, why should I not?” He girded up his loins and gathered his forces. He attacked the English with full might and defeated them and liberated this country.


  1.   Try, Try again
  2.   No pains, no gains.
  3.   God helps those who help themselves.
  4. It is never too late to learn.
  5.  Fortune favors the brave.
  6.  Disappointment is a sin.
  7.  Failure leads to success.

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