The Path to Digital Sovereignty: Vladimir Okhotnikov on the Revolutionary Potential of NFT Tokens

In analytical materials, Vladimir Okhotnikov’s company Floralia repeatedly addresses the topic of unique digital tokens. NFTs have significant potential to become an effective tool for protecting users’ digital property in the modern world. In light of the release of the article “This Will Make Loot Boxes and Skins Only Yours and Beat Steam”, the company came out with an expert article. The head of the company, Vladimir Okhotnikov, reviewed the key aspects raised in the article and gave his comments on this matter.

The article examines why people collect digital items such as NFTs and compares this to collecting physical items such as stamps or paintings. It is rightly noted that people may collect NFTs out of an interest in collecting, a desire to increase their status, or simply following a fashion trend.

Vladimir Okhotnikov about the path to true digital ownership

According to Vladimir Okhotnikov, the technology of unique digital tokens can become a reliable means of protecting digital property in an era when large technology companies are increasingly restricting user access to the content they have purchased.

I constantly hear criticism of NFTs, and this criticism is largely justified,” the expert notes, ‘But it seems that along with justified comments there is also unfounded condemnation. Some statements about “the bubble will burst soon” or “no one is interested in this” sound too categorical.

Despite the financial speculation, it is clear that NFT technology has significant potential. Even if the owner of a token does not legally have rights to a physical object, this is not a reason to reject the value of such assets altogether. After all, people pay for them, which means that these tokens have a certain value for them.

The expert especially focuses on the problem raised in the article, when there are no real ownership rights to the majority of purchased digital goods. Thus, Amazon Kindle users were deprived of access to purchased ebooks at the whim of the corporation, and owners of games on Steam or content on Netflix and Spotify never became full owners of this digital property.

According to Vladimir Okhotnikov, NFT technology can become a key tool for protecting users’ digital property. “The owner of an NFT token can be sure that no one will be able to deprive him of his right to this unique asset while the blockchain ecosystem is functioning,” the expert emphasizes. “Unlike other digital purchases, NFTs reliably protect the authenticity and inalienability of virtual assets.”

Despite valid criticism of the speculative nature of the NFT market, this technology has the potential to give users more control and security over their digital assets than traditional content ownership models. According to the expert, infrastructure development will make it possible in the future to overcome the shortcomings of the NFT market and make it more sustainable.

In conclusion, the expert summed up that NFT is not so much a tool for making money, but rather a technology that gives absolute rights to own a digital asset. He emphasizes that the owner of an NFT can be sure that no one will be able to deprive him of ownership of a unique digital asset until the entire blockchain system is broken.

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