Top 10 STRANGE and Weird Things you will only see in Dubai

top 10 strange things in dubai

Top 10 STRANGE and Weird Things -Top 10 strange things – strange Things in Dubai – Top 10 Weired things – Strange Things

Dubai is known as one of the world’s richest cities, which has made a lot of progress in the last few years. This progress is many times more than in other countries or cities. This city is really different and unique in the desert. By the way, every city in the world has its own identity, laws and rules,

Top 10 STRANGE and Weird Things -Top 10 strange things - strange Things in Dubai - Top 10 Weired things - Strange Things
Top 10 STRANGE and Weird Things you will only see in Dubai

but every single thing in Dubai is different. The places here attracts a huge number of tourists each year. Know about some similar facts about Dubai, which will come to your mind at least once, why visit once here. Keep expensive expensive cars and traveling in them is everyone’s dream and nowadays there is a car in every house,

but do you know that in Dubai, people have such vehicles that you can not think of. The police here have been given cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini, which cost about 20 million Now you can imagine yourself about the richness here. Not only this, the garages of Dubai are filled with expensive short cars

Top 10 strange things

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest building, but now another building in Dubai named “The Tower of Creek Horwer” which is even higher than Burj Khalifa. This building will be ready by 2022. Dubai has one of the tallest and tallest buildings. When the US had only one high-rise building named “World Trade Center”

at that time Dubai had 156 high buildings like “World Trade Center”. Dubai’s gold is famous all over the world. Dubai’s gold is famous all over the world. There are more than 300 shops of gold here. It is believed that there was so much gold trading in Dubai in 2013 that was equivalent to the weight of 396 elephants.

strange Things in Dubai

You know about ATM, the money from which they get out. Another surprise thing in Dubai is that there is an ATM from where there is no money but the gold comes out, these ATMs are called Gold ATM and these ATMs collect 24 crores gold coins, biscuits or jewels. You can choose jewelry design yourself. Let us talk further about the crime rate here. Crime is also a matter of concern in India,like every other country.

Top 10 STRANGE and Weird Things -Top 10 strange things – strange Things in Dubai – Top 10 Weired things – Strange Things

On the other hand, Dubai is a city where crime is equal to zero. Actually, the law here is so strict that crime graph here is zero. For dis reason dubai is considered to be the safest city This is a good thing but the laws here are quite different from other countries. If there is anybody holding hands openly before marriage or walking while watching, or kissing then they can land in jail Strange?

By the way, when you go to any corner of the world, you will find someone to be one of your own country and that is when there is such a person, there is a lot of happiness. Going to Dubai will increase your happiness many times as most of the population in Dubai is of Indians. 50% of the total population of the population belongs to the Indians, while 17% of the population belongs to Dubai residents.

Top 10 Weired things

Now you should be proud of this or not … .. you decide yourself. India has been debating the income tax over the last several years If the public is troubled by giving income tax then the government is happy to increase the tax. In India, even in the form of other countries, part of your earnings has to be paid in the form of income tax but in Dubai it is not so.

Here people do not give income tax or say that they do not have to pay. It is called Lucky People, I wish there were such good days in India also. Dubai is the world’s largest mall known as Dubai Mall, which has more than 1200 stores Not only this, Disneyland is also being built, which will be ready for tourists in a few years and it will be twice as big as Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

It is being made to woo tourists coming here. Everything in this city of Super Cars is the best in the world.3 As you know, Dubai is a Muslim country where there is a large Muslim population. People here are also Islamic thinkers but most people here are of modern ideas This is a Muslim city where women can wear bikini too. Here there are many places where foreigners are allowed to wear small dresses,

Strange Things

though one of the reasons here is to promote tourism in the country At the same time, for the convenience of Muslims in Dubai and Friday prayers, the Friday prayers are held on Friday and Saturday from the week of Year 2006 on Friday and Saturday so that they can pray this prayer without any inconvenience. Now it comes to the hobby of the people here. Every person has his own hobbies and there is no problem in it.

Some people’s hats sometimes wonder, but do you know what is the hobby of the people of Dubai? People here do not keep dogs or cats as pets, but lions and leopards. Here are not one or two people who have lions or leopards as pets. In Dubai, the most strange is that there is no address for houses, shops and buildings.Yes ! You heard right here there is no system with address,

so if you have to go somewhere then it is very important for you to have complete knowledge about that place Simultaneously, cameras are fixed everywhere in Dubai. There is less police in Dubai and the cameras are more so here every rule is strictly followed here.

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