Top 5 Beautiful Cities Of pakistan

beautiful cities of pakistan

Top 5 Beautiful Cities Of pakistan||ISLAMABAD||LAHORE|| RAWALPAINDI || SIALKOT

Pakistan is a beautiful country with lots to see and explore and in this episode I’m exploring ten of the best cities in Pakistan Right, so I decided to give you facts and I order the cities based on their popularity so I hope it doesn’t come across like I’m saying like.

Top 5 Beautiful Cities Of pakistan

The city is better in my opinion Than another city because like Who am I really to judge really and if a city doesn’t appear in this episode? It doesn’t mean that it’s not awesome as well Okay, so we got ten cities to look at So let’s jump into this episode a number 10 we have molten molten is an important city in Pakistan Which is also known as the city of saints and is sometimes called the city of Sufis as well Montón has attracted a large number of Sufi mystics in the eleventh and twelfth centuries


molten is Pakistan’s fifth most populous city and is located in the very heart of Pakistan molten was one of the most Important trading centres of medieval Islamic India and today molten is a peaceful City Italy shalil Act industry hospitals universities and all of that but it recently has seen a lot of industrial growth and the city’s population continues to grow as well faisal avec comes next at number 9 faisal about is a third largest city in pakistan and the second largest in the province of Punjab after Lahore


Historically fights all about was one of the first planned cities of British India, of course, it’s grown into a cosmopolitan Metropolis long since then and Faisal about is very famous because of its agriculture and industrial Textiles because it’s the biggest textile city in Pakistan faisal about is often called the manchester of pakistan Which is also known for its textile industry


The city is an industrial center with major railway repair yards as well as engineering works and mills that process sugar flour and oil seed also faisal about contributes a 20% of Pakistan’s total GDP number 8 is Rawalpindi famously just called pindy It’s very close to Islamabad and both of the referred to as Twin Cities So what’s so cool about pindy anyways, well first of all It’s cheap like literally like you feel the difference when you come from Islamabad to Rawalpindi

Housing costs are a lot lower and you can eat some great food for a lot lower prices You can also get great quality products at a lower price as well bindis markets are famous all throughout Pakistan We have the Raja Bazar. It’s a huge market with thousands of different shops And it’s one of Pakistan’s oldest markets and it’s also Pakistan’s most Famous market the city at number seven is Sal caught Sal caught is Pakistan’s 12th most populous city and it’s part of North East

Punjab one of Pakistan’s most highly industrialised regions during the partition of India Muslim refugees from India settled in South District and assimilated with the local population in the year 1965 the Indian Army Counter-attacked in the area but the Pakistani army successfully defended the city


Sal khat is an inspiration in particular because despite being cut from Kashmir Sal Khan has managed to position Itself into one of Pakistan’s most prosperous cities exporting up to 10% of all Pakistani Exports number six is a city of Quetta Quetta is a tenth largest city in Pakistan Is located in the blue to Stan province and what makes Quetta different is that it’s situated 4,500 meters above the sea level also as a capital of the province of Baluchistan

Quetta is known as the fruit garden of Pakistan with a very large variety of fruits and dry fruit produced there located near the Pakistan Afghanistan border Keter serves as a trade and communication Centre between the two countries and there’s attractions like Hana Lake and the hazard Gangi Chetan National Park And there’s also growing centers of Education in the city, which makes cat out one of the best cities in

Pakistan halfway in we have good run wala Gujranwala is a major industrial city located in Punjab Pakistan Gujranwala is famous as a city of wrestlers as it produced some of the most famous wrestlers in South Asia Gujranwala is a major center of rail highway as well as river transportation by interestingly enough The town is safe from most of the industrial pollution that has taken over some of the bigger cities in Pakistan by Road the city is less than two hours away from Lahore the capital of Punjab and three hours away from` Islamabad, which is a capital city of Pakistan

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