Top 5 Best Laptop In low Price

top 5 best lAPTOP

Top 5 Best Laptop In low Price //(1) DELL Vostro 3400 – //(2) MSI Modern 14 – //(3) acer Aspire 5 – //(4) RedmiBook Pro –

If you want to buy a laptop & your budget is under Rs 50K? No problem! Remember, it’s not like these rankings are completely in order & you should buy the #1 laptop out of the 5.If a person wants a compact laptop, then you should look at #4 & #5 because they have small screens.Minimum Criteria – They should be minimum i5 – 10th Gen, have 8GB RAM, if you want a small screen then 14-15.6” FHD screen is minimum.In terms of storage, a 512GB SSD is preferable or else it should have a 1TB HDD. And pre-installed Windows 10. If you buy it without Windows, then the laptop’s price will decrease.

Top 5 Best Laptop In low Price
top 5 best laptop

(1) DELL Vostro 3400 –

This is a good laptop to be honest & it has an 11th Gen processor which is good! It has an i5 – 11th Gen processor, 8GB RAM with 1TB HDD & a 14” FHD screen. Meaning, if you want a little compact laptop, then you look at it! Generally, the laptop’s size is very important so we’ve included both 14” & 15.6” as well. And its price Rs 46,990 where in offers it goes below Rs 45K. If your budget is tight, then you can definitely look at it! Its i5 – 11th Gen is the biggest plus!

DELL Vostro 3400 –

(2) MSI Modern 14 –

It looks just like its name! It’s absolutely modern & is one of the better looking laptops out there. It has 14” screen & comes with i5 – 10th Gen but, it has a 512GB SSD that’s why it’s on #4 & not #5 as it has an HDD. All other things are the same like a 14” FHD screen- with 8GB RAM & an integrated graphics card. Its price is Rs 48,990 & if you buy during offers you’ll get it around Rs 45-46K & at that price, it’s really good at #4! And if you want a big screen laptop, then the #3, #2 & #1 are all with 15.6” screens.


(3) acer Aspire 5 –

It has a 15.6” FHD screen, a 1TB HDD(an SSD would’ve been great).But remember, it has an i5 – 11th Gen & the integrated GPU is the latest Intel Iris Xe. So overall if you look at it, this is definitely at #3, it’s price could’ve been lower by Rs 1-2K but it’s priced at Rs 49,999. And you can get it for a lower price during offers.

(4) RedmiBook Pro –

This is really good with a 15.6” FHD screen. But there’s i5 – 11th Gen & an SSD as well. So there’s everything you want in a laptop. Yes, there’s an integrated GPU(a dedicated one would’ve been better). And that’s why it’s on #2. Its price is good at Rs 47,999 & in the past 2-3 days its price has dropped by Rs 2-3K & is available at Rs 45K. So the RedmiBook Pro is aggressively priced & having an i5-11th Gen with SSD, it comes on #2!

redmi book pro

(5) acer Aspire 7 –

It’s on #1 because it has a dedicated graphics card, the GTX1650(4GB). And due to that, you can game on it as well as edit some videos. Its price is around Rs 51-53K, but you can get it under Rs 50K during offers. And it’s worth it if your budget is Rs 50K & if you can stretch it buy Rs 1-2K. You get i5 – 10th Gen & a 512GB SSD with a dedicated graphics card & a 15.6” FHD screen. So overall looking at its price & offerings, it’s definitely at #1 in our list!

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