Top 5 Countries That Enjoy Ramadan With Enthusiasm

top 5 countries that enjoy ramadan

Ramadan Kareem is great blessing of God to all Muslims in the world. Muslims from the world show their interest in Ramadan Kareem by praying to God.People fast during this holy month

. The procedure of fasting in Holy Ramadan is people eat food before the sunrise called Suhoor and fast all the day and they open their fast with the sunset or on the time of Magh’rib and this is called Iftar.

In different countries their are different traditions during Ramadan e.g, Food,The Ramadan lantern street, Firing cannon etc. In different countries drum master play drum in the streets to awake people for Suhoor. Today I am going to explain everything about Top 5 Countries that enjoy Ramadan with enthusiasm.

1. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia have the most prayerful people. Saudi Arabia is the origin of Islam. Holy Prophet ( P.BU.H ) started preaching of Islam from Saudi Arabia to all over the world. Kaaba is also located in Saudi Arabia. There are different traditions of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia.


  • Suhoor Caller
  • Ramadan Lanterns
  • Iftaar Cannon

Suhoor Caller is a man that is on duty to awake peoples on the time of suhoor.He walks in the streets of the specific area to aware the people to the current time So, people can easily wake up and perform their Suhoor on time.Ramadan Lanterns are lighted in the most popular streets of the city to enjoy the happiness of Ramadan.tvi= There are some delicious foods to have during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia e.g, sweets, rice, meat etc.

  • Harissa
  • Saudi Lamb Tomato Rice
  • Saudi Roasted Chicken
  • Traditional Saudi Biryani
  • Saudi Kabsa

2. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is multinational country, people from different countries come to UAE for work purpose the most population in United Arab Emirates is of Indians and Pakistanis. The 14% of overall population is of Emirate people.

Muslims living in UAE are very religious as of my personal experience during Ramadan if you are going late for the prayer you are not going to get any space for praying. Mosques in UAE gets crowded during Ramadan.The suhoor and iftaar held on public places. Hundreds of thousand people go to masques for opening their fast during Ramadan.

In UAE the iftaar ceremony is held on extensive scale.There are different traditions of Ramadan in UAE e.g, Cannon fire, Extensive iftaar ceremony.People distribute food water and other drinks during Ramadan to poor.Rules and regulations are very strict during Ramadan in UAE.

  1. You are not allowed to eat and drink in public places.
  2. You are not allowed to listen non-religious music in public places.
  3. You are not allowed to smoke and drink in public place during Ramadan.

Emirate people love delicious food very much so, they cook their traditional foods on large scales to distribute in poor people.

Foods and Drinks

  1. Al Harees
  2. Falafel
  3. Hummus
  4. Matchbous
  5. Esh asaraya
  6. Mehalabiya

3. Pakistan

facts of pakistan

Pakistanis enjoy Ramadan Kareem with enthusiasm. All family members from the eldest to the youngest fast during Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem is a great blessing of God.Traditions in india and Pakistan are the same during Ramadan Kareem

.House members start thier preparations after watching the 1st day moon of Ramadan Kareem. Ther buy new clothes and food to eat during Ramadan Kareem. when it comes to Ramadan prayers people of Pakistan leave every thing and pray to God when its time to pray. There are different traditions in Pakistan during Ramadan Kareem.

  1. Drum Player.
  2.  Iftar Siren Played in Masjid 

Foods and Drinks

  1. Fruit Chat
  2. Dates
  3. Dahi Bharay
  4. Pakora
  5. Chat 
  6. Biryani
  7. Drinks( Lime, Roh Afzah )

4. India

ramdhan in india

India is the most populated country in Asia the main religion in India is Hinduism. Population of Muslims in India is 180 million. Because of the law in India Muslims are being persecuted by Hindu’s even then all Muslims enjoy all Islamic traditions with brave so,

Ramadan is like a great blessing for the Muslims in India. Muslims of India gather in one place before Ramadan to see the holy month moon together, when they see the moon they start their preparations for Ramadan e.g,

buying new clothes, bringing some food for suhoor and Iftaar. Suhoor is pretty simple but on Iftaar all the family members sit together to open their fast. Different kinds of food is offered on Iftaar ceremony to enjoy.

Foods and Drinks

  1. watermelon juice
  2. Limun shikanjabeen
  3. Palak Pakora
  4. Vegetable Samosa
  5. Dum Biryani

5. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a muslim country and people living there are very religious they enjoy ramadan with enthusiasm.

Foods and Drinks

  1. Haleem
  2. jilapi
  3. Beguni
  4. Lassi
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