Tour of Budapest: Guide to the landmarks through history 2022

Tour of Budapest: Guide to the landmarks through history 2022

Hi guys! I’m Daniel and today I’m going to show you one of the most beautiful yet underrated capital cities of Europe, Budapest. I know I might be biased because I was born and raised here. In this video Tour of Budapest: Guide to the landmarks through history 2022 i’m going to show you why I believe Budapest should be on your bucket list and also a little bit of history. Let’s do this! So I am in the Castle Garden Bazaar and before we go up to the castle let’s talk about history.

tour of budapest parliament

Tour of Budapest: Guide to the landmarks through history 2022

We believe our ancestors were nomadic warriors and you’ve probably heard about Attila, the Hun, right? Some people think that the Huns and the Hungarians are related and this is probably why our country called Hungary in many languages.

Tour of Budapest 2022

According to the legend our ancestors were organized in seven tribes each tribe had its own leader. They wanted to settle down in a defendable land so with the lead of Árpád, the head of the tribes the Hungarian land taking begun and they arrived here to the Carpathian Basin. Did you know that Hungary was a kingdom until 1946 with many kings from the Austrian Habsburg family?

Tour of Budapest: Guide to the landmarks through history 2022

Tour of Budapest: Guide to the landmarks through history 2022
Tour of Budapest: Guide to the landmarks through history 2022

The Buda Castle was the main residence of the Hungarian royals. The castle and palace complex lays on the Buda Hills overlooking the Danube, and it’s called either the Royal Palace or the Royal Castle and now it is a World Heritage Site. This district is filled with medieval baroque and 19th centuries buildings and home of many museums. The main building houses the History Museum,

tour of budapest parliament

the National Gallery and the National Széchenyi Library. You will also find here the Sándor Palace which is the office of the President of Hungary and it is also serves as his official residence. The original royal residence has a really troubled history. It was destroyed and rebuilt many times over.

In the middle ages because of the rise of the Ottoman Empire Ottomans were a threat to Christian Europe. Most of the Hungarian castles, including the Buda Castle, were strengthened and new bastions were added. The Buda side castle wall was protected by the fishermen’s guild and this is the reason why we call this part the Fisherman’s Bastion.

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This building was restored and has seven towers which represent the seven leaders of the Hungarian land taking. Despite all the effort in 1541 Ottomans captured the Buda Castle, and this church, the Matthias Church in the heart of the castle district became the city’s main mosque.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:33 Buda Castle
  • 2:15 Fishermen’s Bastion
  • 2:45 Matthias Church
  • 3:18 Chain Bridge
  • 3:35 Parliament and the Holy Crown
  • 4:17 St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • 4:37 The Jewish District
  • 4:56 Dohány Street Synagogue
  • 5:08 Effects of the World Wars
  • 6:47 Andrássy Avenue and the State Opera House
  • 7:16 House of Terror
  • 8:01 Heroes’ Square
  • 8:28 Vajdahunyad Castle

The legend has it then the noon bell ritual commemorates the victory against the Ottomans at the siege of Belgrad, which was part of Hungary back then. The Pope ordered the bells of every European church to be rung every day at noon as a call for the believers to pray for the defenders.

Tour of Budapest: Guide to the landmarks through history 2022

Buda and Pest were two separate cities for centuries. They only merged in 1873. That bridge is the Chain Bridge. It was the first permanent bridge across the Danube, and now it is the symbol of the Budapest skyline. An other landmark on the bank is the Parliament building which houses the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary. To celebrate the 1000th birthday of the country many huge constructions began like this.

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Saint Stephen was our first king and the first one who got Christian. His crown the Holy Crown can be found here in the Central Hall, but fun fact during the war it was even kept in Fort Knox for safekeeping. Did you know that this crown is older than the Crown of the United Kingdom? The rim was created in the 1070s and made of gold and decorated with 19 pictures as well as semi-presious stones and pearls.

The Jewish District History 

A few steps from here is the Saint Stephen Basilica. It’s not just a christian church but you will also find here the mummified right hand of our first king. I know it’s a bit strange. You can also climb up to the Basilica where you will have a magnificent view over the city. Okay, i’m starving! So let’s head to the old jewish district! The Deák Square is the center of the city and nightlife. The close by area was the old jewish district.

The Jewish District History VIDEOS

It’s streets now packed with pubs and restaurants and filled with people day and night. The close by Dohány Street Synagogue was built before the First World War in a moorish revival style. It is the largest in a group in Europe and the second largest in the world. But before we continue a day trip,

tour of budapest parliament

we need to talk about the effect of the First and the Second World Wars. In 1914 with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand the heir of the throne of Austria-Hungary the First World War broke out. The peace agreement the Treaty of Trainon formally ended the First World War and the Kingdom of Hungary lost 71% of its land which was given to Romania and the former to Czechslovakia in Yugoslavia We were crushed and the revision of Trianon rose to the top of Hungary’s political agenda.

We wanted to restore the greater country so did Germany. The world by Great Depression did not help either nation. And because the drop of the standard of living the negative political mood of the countries shifted towards the right. The Germans led by Adolf Hitler wanted to restore the German Empire and the territorial revisionism appealed to the Hungarian desires.

Tour of Budapest 2022

In 1942 Hungary entered the Second World War on the German side and nationalist ideas raised. Jewish districts like this one offered protection to Jews. But during the war large ghetto was created here. Nearly half a million Hungarian Jews were the victim of the Holocaust.

Every leaf of the weeping willow in the garden of the Synagogue lists the name of the victim. If you are planning to discover Budapest download my free Travel Guide from the link below. I listed the most important sites in it with several maps useful tips and also the most delicious Hungarian dishes you need to try!

tour of budapest parliament

Walking north on the streets of the jewish district you will end up on the Andrássy Street inspired by the Parisian Champs-Elysees. It’s not only a World Heritage Site but also one of Budapest’s main shopping streets with fine cafes, restaurants and luxury boutiques. Here you will find the State Opera House.

Budapest Tour Videos

Budapest Tour Videos

It’s rich interior red and gold colors provide a breathtaking experience and the acoustic here considered among the world’s finest. This building on the Andrássy Street is the House of Terror.

Sadly the bad times under the Germans were replaced by the bad times under the Russians when in 1945 Soviets launched strategic offensive and later the military occupation ensued. This building was the headquarters of both the Nazis and the Communist Secret Police.

This museum makes it clear why the uniforms have changed the terror did not. Let’s hop on the metro line 1 and head to another landmark of the city, the Heroes Square. It was part of the Millennial constructions and it is the oldest underground railway system in Continental Europe only predated by the London underground. The central feature of the Heroes Square is the Millenial Monument which reminds us to the Hungarian conquest to the Carpathian Basin. In the center of the square you will find a group of seven figures representing our seven leaders.

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On the column you will see the statue of Archangel Gabriel. In his right hand he holds the Holy Crown of Saint Stephen. The Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park was also built as part of the Millennial Exhibition. It was designed to feature copies of several landmark buildings from different parts of the Kingdom of Hungary especially the Hunyad castle in Transylvania.

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The building stands on an artificial island and the surrounding lake serves as an open-air ice skating ring in winter. Did you know that the largest medical bath in Europe is in Budapest? The Széchenyi Thermal Bath has many indoor and outdoor pools open all year round and hosts several pool parties at night. Budapest has so much more to offer just check out my Travel Guide! I make videos like this one about my adventures all around the world so if you have free time watch these or hit the subscribe button below and you won’t miss a thing! See you soon!

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