Ufone Free Whatsapp Code – Ufone 4G Packages

Ufone free WhatsApp Package - Ufone 4G Packages

Now Ufone users can enjoy the Ufone Free Whatsapp Code for 30 days! In all cities in Pakistan, you can now enjoy free connections with your friends and family with Ufone Free Whatsapp 5gb data every month.

📌 On dialling *987# Ufone Free Whatsapp Code for 1 month (monthly limit of usage is 2 GB) *Planed Changed By Ufone
📌 To check remaining free balance/resources, dial *706#

✔️ This offer is for a new Ufone USER’S only۔

Validity For Ufone Free Whatsapp Code

You will be awarded 5 GB WhatsApp every month, i.e. every 30 days after that, you will get a total of 15 GB additional 5 GB for 90 days.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is for prepaid customers only.
  2. Offer valid for 90 days.
  3. The user will dial USSD * 987 # for opt-in.
  4. The customer will be informed about 3 months. After 3 months of reelection, he has to redial the USSD.
  5. You will be awarded 5 GB WhatsApp every month, i.e. every 30 days you get 5 GB, totalling 15 GB for 90 days.
  6. To check out the remaining resources, dial * 706 #.
  7. Your SIM is Your Identity, Only Use Biometric Verification – PTA-issued SIMs.

Social networks have become an essential part of everyone’s life. The WhatsApp is the most used social platform, keeping everyone connected with their relatives, friends and loved ones. If you also use the WhatsApp to share your photos, videos, songs, and documents with your friends, you will need to look for some of the cheapest packages Ufone has to offer. Ufone brings some Ufone Free Whatsapp Code to consumers. Here, I have categorized all the WhatsApp offerings into Daily, Weekly and Monthly for your convenience. So, let’s get on the list of Ufone Free Whatsapp Code.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps that people are using. Ufone offers free, daily, weekly, and monthly WhatsApp offers for all users to stay in touch with others. WhatsApp is a source of communication. Well, over time, it’s becoming the first line of communication. Everyone is looking for Ufone Free Whatsapp Code. Ufone is giving you different needs and different packages to meet your needs.

🔊 People also ask

How can I use free WhatsApp on Ufone? OR
How can I subscribe Ufone WhatsApp package?

➼ WhatsApp Unlimited (3G) MB
➼ 10,000 SMS daily
➼ Duration is 24 hours.
➼ The offer price is only 5 PCR.
➼ Dial * 6301 # from your Ufone number to subscribe to the offer.
➼ Dial * 6301 # to disable the Ufone Daily Unlimited WhatsApp offers.
➼ Check out the remaining resources by merely dialling * 706 #.

Is Messenger free on Ufone?

Ufone offers free Facebook access for 2G, 3G users and 4G users. Ufone is now offering its prepaid customer base free to use Facebook for free, with no subscription charges, daily charges or anything else.

How can I check Ufone free MB?

Dial * 3 # from your 3G and 4G enabled smartphone and select your desired mobile Internet bundles. Dial * 706 # to check the rest of the Ufone data, or you can download the ‘My Ufone app‘ to check the rest of the information, plus a few minutes of verification details.

What is Ufone Internet packages?

There are some weekly 3G internet packages offered by Ufone that provided through Ufone. Packages automatically expire after one week. Super Internet allows its users to access 1024 MB of the internet for 1 week at 100 + tax rate. This offer can subscribe by dialling the subscription code * 220 #.

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