Unique tree with strange background – 2022

Unique tree with strange background

Unique tree with strange background . Trees grow out of seeds into small plants, endure the harsh weather, spread branches, bear delicious fruit, provide firewood as fuel, help build houses,

Unique tree with strange background

appear as a primary weapon for hunting, Being the source of medicine, meeting the nutritional needs of animals, being a central part of the great invention paper of human history, the sickness of trees, the coexistence of death. It will stay with us forever –

What is the world of these ancient friends of human beings? What are the strange scenes hidden in this lush world? Let’s enter the world of trees and travel around this world. While the first part was published a few days ago. Unique tree with strange background

Unique tree with strange background
Unique tree with strange background

Lone Cypress

Situated on the hills of Pebble off the coast of Monterey, California, this “cypress” tree is a beautiful addition to the lonely trees, with the Pacific waves foaming at the back – a “lone” for photography lovers. Cyprus is an important place – which is why the beautiful pictures of this tree standing alone by the sea are viewed with interest all over the world. Unique tree with strange background

Bodhi Tree

At a distance of 100 km from Patna in the Indian state of Bihar, is a Buddhist holy place called “Buddha Gaya” where the “Buddhist Tree” is located on the west side of the historic “Mahabodhi Temple”. This is the place where Gautama Siddhartha stood in front of a poplar tree for a week and meditated for eternal bliss – after attaining eternal bliss or Buddhism according to Buddhism. Gautama was elevated to the rank of “Gautama Buddha” from Siddhartha. This poplar tree, also called Bo, is distinguished by its distinctive heart-shaped leaves. Unique tree with strange background

A pen or branch of this ancient tree was sent to Sri Lanka by Ashoka (270 BC), the third king of the Mauryan dynasty, which is still present in the form of a tree in the ancient throne of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura. The 1,300-year-old tree has the distinction of being the oldest man-made tree. The old name of the district was Sravasti – this pen or branch was planted outside the residence of Buddhist monks – “Saravasti” is also considered a sacred place in Buddhism due to the presence of a Buddhist tree.

Tree of Life

Located in the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain, the “Tree of Life” is a marvel of nature. How to get water is still a mystery because there is nothing but dry desert sand around the tree – the tree is called “Tree of Life” due to its existence despite the unavailability of fresh water. is called .

Hippocrates Tree – (Tree of Hippocrates)

The tree named after the prominent Greek prepared professional “Hippocrates” is organized on the Greek island of Kos. Used to show medication – the current tree planted at this achievement is 500 years of age which is a joining of the fundamental tree It is remarkably horrible. Unique tree with strange background

The help of metal strips has been obtained to maintain the – by cutting the branch of this ancient tree in many educational institutions of the world, which is an expression of love for the tree and the father of medicine, Hippocrates, in his university. These include the University of Michigan, the University of Sydney, the University of South Alabama, the University of Victoria and the University of Yale. Unique tree with strange background

Wollemia Pine

The tree was unintentionally found on September 10, 1994, in Wollemi National Park, encompassed by cascades in Australia’s Blue Mountain Mountains. Khudo Khal saw a tree that he had never seen. He brought a little plant of the tree with him for research. They are like trees

Surprisingly, Wollemia has nothing to do with the present-day trees of this ancient family. The discovery not only made the pine tree a living continuation of the Ice Age, but also identified Wollemia as a key figure in research on the ancient environment. Interestingly, the park About 100 trees of this very ancient species have been discovered in New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica.

Remember that these trees are not long-lived, but are a link in the chain of ancient trees that, according to experts, have endured the hardships of the 17th Ice Age. Since 2005, these trees have been grown in nurseries and sold on a commercial basis so that they can be spread all over the world.

Major Oak

This historic oak tree is located in the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, England. The tree is nearly a thousand years old. The tree is named after the famous eighteenth-century British soldier Major Hayman Rooke.

This uniquely shaped tree weighs 28 tons and has a trunk circumference of 33 feet. In 1998, an attempt was made to fraudulently auction off tree branches through the Internet. This incident made the tree very popular. Fifty great trees have been declared a national asset – the tree is also one of the seven museums in the United Kingdom.

Light fixture Tree

Pass Through Trees
The uniqueness of this 315-foot-tall light formed tree in Coast Redwood Park, California, is that it has a 6-foot-wide and 9-foot-high break between its trunks. Notwithstanding the “Schindler Tree”, there are three different trees in the recreation area that have openings made between the trunks that permit the vehicle to pass without any problem. Because of this component, they are additionally called Drive-Through Trees.

Seven Sisters Oak – Seven Sisters Oak
The oak tree, named after seven sisters, is located in the US state of Louisiana. It is one of the most champagne trees in the world, according to the US National Bureau of Statistics. The tree was originally named after Carole Hendry Doby, a man who was the only brother of seven sisters. The name was later changed to Seven Sister Oak. An interesting thing about the tree is that it is also the president of the society made of oak trees.

Chestnut Tree of One Hundred Horses
The chestnut tree is located in Sicily, Italy. It has a wide trunk. The highest measurement of the trunk of this 2,000 year old tree was recorded at 190 feet in 1780. Historians describe the event as According to reports, when the Queen of Aragon and her military caravan were on their way to Mount Anta, heavy winds surrounded the caravan. Now the trunk of the tree has shrunk.

I wish it were in my house
I wish it were in my house
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