Funny Quotes In Urdu With Pictures | Funny Writes

Funny Quotes In Urdu With Pictures | Funny Writes

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 Urdu Quotes # 7

Funny Quotes In Urdu With Pictures | Funny Writes

Time has been moving at the same pace for centuries.

Only on Sundays do dogs follow him.

 Urdu Quotes # 6

Give the most respectable wardrobe clothes…

Every time I open the closet 3-4 clothes fall on my feet.

 Urdu Quotes #5

Ignore the worries like this.

Like your back when you take a bath.

 Urdu Quotes #4

Who says boys don’t think?

Just smile and see the girl once.

From wedding cards to children, everything thinks.

 Urdu Quotes #3

What is a curse?

Don’t even write the address.

Reaches out to deserving people

 Urdu Quotes #2

Don’t do anything so perfect.

Let it be your personal duty….. (Personal Experiense )

 Urdu Quotes #1

Girls, wear as high heels as you can.

You were a Short stature, you are a Short stature, you will be a Short stature.

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