Warid SMS Packages 2021: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Warid SMS Packages 2021: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

As you are aware, Warid and Jazz have emerged and are making Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited known as PMCL. Also after integrating with Jazz, Warid provides its customers with the finest telecom services. As a Warid customer, you will expect your cellular provider to have excellent SMS, Call and internet packages. In this sense, Warid has never disappointed its valued customers.

Here, I will talk about Warid SMS Packages to let you know about their various affordable packages. Warid brings a range of SMS packages to its customers every day, weekly or monthly. The more surprising aspect is that these bundles are only available at various times of the day and in different variations. You may then use all of them to your convenience. Let’s switch to the list to see who you are.

Warid all SMS Packages start here: Warid Daily SMS Packages

In its Regular SMS Offers Warid gives you versatile SMS bundles. If you don’t like talking too much, these bundles are for you. Often, you feel like something important yet personal should be discussed. And because of the proximity of other people, you don’t want to speak on call. The regular SMS kit is extremely helpful in such cases. It allows you the ability to talk about your wishes without other people sitting around you being heard. Warid offers in Regular SMS Packages four separate offers. Find the price, volume and additional information of each SMS package below.

SMS PackagePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Daily SMS + WhatsApp PackageRs 7.21800 SMS10MBs for WhatsApp only24 Hours (Valid for one day)Dial *334#Dial *334*4#
*Apna Shehar PackageRs 101500 SMSUnlimited On-net minutes, 100MB (4G)Same day MidnightDial *229# to activateDial *229*4#
**Daily Hybrid Karachi PackageRs 121500 SMS250MB, Unlimited minutesSame day MidnightDial *400#Automatically expires at the same day midnight
***Super F&F PackageRs 10Unlimited SMSUnlimited On-net minutesSame day MidnightDial *141*F&F Number#Dial *141*4#
Day BundleRs 13300 SMS300 on-net minutes, 20MBSame day MidnightDial *340#Automatically expires
KPK Daily OfferRs 121500 SMSUnlimited on-net minutes, 100MBSame day MidnightDial *522#Automatically expires
Sindh Daily OfferRs 121500 SMSUnlimited on-net minutes, 250MBSame Day MidnightDial *522#Automatically expires
Punjab Daily OfferRs 12100 SMS100 on-net minutesSame day MidnightDial *6000#Automatically expires

Warid Weekly SMS Packages

In addition to regular SMS packages, Warid offers its valued customers very nice weekly SMS offers. These are true at various times of the day, and thus meet the needs of everybody. If you regularly use the SMS service, miss a regular SMS packet. Choose the one from weekly SMS offers instead. You’re going to enjoy using them because they match your budget. Some of them come with an internet data mix and free off-net or on-line minutes. Some packages come with WhatsApp info, because Warid knows how to make affordable offer combinations. The details of these SMS packages are given here.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Weekly Bundle-Once OffRs 151500 SMS to all networks25MBs (Only for WhatsApp)7 daysDial *101*1*07#Dial *101*4*07# to De-activate, Dial *101*2*07# for Status, Dial *101*3*07# for Info
Jazz Haftawar OfferRs 851000 SMS to all networks1000 On-net minutes, 100MBs7 DaysDial *407#Dial *407*4#
Jazz Punjab Haftawar OfferRs 1005000 SMS10 GB Data (5 GB 2AM-2PM) 50 All-Net Mins7 DaysDial *307#Dial *307*4# to de-activate
*Haftawar All Rounder PackageRs 1201000 SMS1 GB DATA 1000 Jazz Mins 50 Other Network Mins​7 DaysDial *747#Automatically expires after 7 days
Weekly All Network PackageRs 1701000 SMS2 GB DATA 1000 Jazz Mins 60 Other Network Mins7 DaysDial *700#Dial *700*4#
Weekly Super Duper OfferRs 2101500 SMS1500 on-net, 60 Off-net minutes, 3GB7 DaysDial *770#Automatically expires
Weekly Super PlusRs 2505000 SMS12 GB DATA (6 GB 2AM – 2PM) 5000 Jazz Mins 70 Other Network Mins7 DaysDial *505#Automatically expires
Weekly WhatsApp + SMS offerRs 201500 SMS25MB for WhatsApp7 DaysDial *101*1*07#Dial *101*4*07#
Weekly HybridRs 1301000 SMS1000 on-net minutes, 20 off-net minutes, 500MB7 DaysDial *407#Dial *407*4#
Mandi Bahauddin Weekly OfferRs 53.32500 SMS2500 on-net minutes, 25 off-net minutes, 2.5GB7 DaysDial *565*2#Automatically expires
Sargodha Weekly OfferRs 88.9200 SMS200 on-net minutes, 200MB7 DaysDial *627#Automatically expires
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid OfferRs 1301500 SMS1500 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 1.5GB7 DaysDial *664#Automatically expires
Sindh Haftawar OfferRs 2375000 SMS5000 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 10GB (5GB from 2 AM to 2 PM)7 DaysDial *406#Dial *406*4#

Warid Monthly SMS Packages

Some Warid users like to talk with their friends and loved ones. You don’t want to use calling. Instead, they talk with them and send insightful messages to their contacts every day. In addition, they don’t want to pursue the subscription every day or week. Warid provides them with fascinating monthly SMS packages. You would love to use all of these packages as a Warid customer. Both networks have plenty of free SMS.

In addition, these packages come with some WhatsApp info, surfing and off-net and on-net minutes combinations. Therefore; you’re going to love to use all of these packets. Find specifics of these deals below.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS PackageRs 7012000 SMS to all networks5000 MB for WhatsApp only1 MonthDial *101*1*02#Dial *101*4*02# for De-activation, Dial *101*3*02# for Info, Dial *101*2*02# for Status
Jazz Monthly Hybrid BundleRs 5001,000 SMS10,000 On-net minutes (Daily limit 333 minutes), 50 off-net minutes, 1GB30 DaysDial *430#Dial *430*4#
Jazz Super Duper Monthly PackageRs 6003000 SMS to all networks3000 On-net minutes, 100 Off-net minutes, 3GB1 MonthDial *706#Dial *706*4#
Jazz Monthly All Rounder PackageRs 4991500 SMS to all networks200 All Networks minutes, 5GB data1 MonthDial *2000#Automatically expires after one month
Jazz Super Duper CardRs 6002000 SMS to all networks2000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 2000MB1 MonthDial *601#Automatically expires after one month
Monthly Super Duper PlusRs 10004000 SMS to all networks4000 On-net minutes, 200 Off-net minutes, 8GB1 MonthDial *707#To unsubscribe Dial *707*4#, To check Status Dial *707*2#
Shahdadkot Monthly OfferRs 3384000 SMS2000 on-net, 200 off-net minutes, 2GB1 MonthDial *873#Automatically expires
Monthly WhatsApp & SMSRs 7912000 SMS5GB for WhatsApp1 MonthDial *101*1*02#Dial *101*4*02# to de-activate
DG Khan Monthly OfferRs 3384000 SMS2000 on-net minutes, 200 off-net minutes, 2GB1 MonthDial *705#Automatically expires

Well, fellas! All of the above mentioned Warid SMS packages are currently available. If I missed any of them, please let us know in the following comments. If you find the package you want, leave a similar package here.

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