What is Your Most Helpful Use of ChatGPT for Your Site


You’re in the right place if you’re wondering “how can ChatGPT help my business.” ChatGPT is an amazing tool that many around the world leverage to speed up everyday tasks with their websites. It can help you with your marketing and SEO services and even summarize complicated topics for you.

To better understand ChatGPT, I’ve curated a list of the top seven best uses for ChatGPT on your website. 

Let’s begin.

A quick breakdown of the top uses for ChatGPT is as follows:

  • Idea generation.
  • Content drafting.
  • Editing and proofreading.
  • Content SEO optimization.
  • Multimedia content creation.
  • Understand complicated topics.
  • Summarize research.

A ChatGPT website can benefit from something called ‘idea creation.’ It’s when you prompt ChatGPT to give you ideas on a certain topic. This saves you from countless minutes, or even hours, searching through Google search results to find ideas of your own. This means you move faster between getting ideas for your content, and writing content for your website.

A prompt could be as simple as “Tell me the top ten places to visit in New York City.” or as complicated as “Give me ideas on most common chemical reactions, along with formulas.”

When learning what can ChatGPT do, you’ll likely come across content drafting. This is when you give ChatGPT an idea, and it drafts an article for you. This is a painless process that takes a matter of seconds and can save you lots of time when you have tight deadlines for your website.

An example of a prompt for this would be “Write me an article on the top ten places to visit in New York City.”

ChatGPT can help websites speed up their content creation for articles by assisting with editing and proofreading. Imagine you’ve spent countless hours writing up a new piece of copy for your website. Instead of taking more time to proofread it, you can go straight to ChatGPT, which proofreads it in a matter of seconds.

An easy way to do this is to copy and paste your entire article into ChatGPT, along with the prompt, “Proofread my article.”

Since ChatGPT knows about SEO best practices, it can help optimize your articles for SEO with minimal prompts. This means you can save yourself even more time by leaving the optimization of an article to ChatGPT and publishing it with peace of mind, knowing it’s following the best practices.

By copying your article and pasting it into ChatGPT along with the prompt, “Optimize my article with the keyword ‘<insert keyword here>,’” you will have an article ready to publish with less headache and time wasted.

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ChatGPT isn’t limited to simply article creation. It can create a variety of copy to suit your website’s needs. Some of these variations include email campaign copy, video scripts for video creation, and social media content creation.

You would be able to accomplish this by simply using the prompt “Write me a video script of the top ten places to visit in New York City.”

ChatGPT has a unique skill in that it can simplify any topic into understandable, bite-sized pieces for easy consumption. This saves you the headache and stress of writing about a topic you don’t understand very well.

If you are writing an article on real estate but don’t understand how real estate works, you can have ChatGPT help you using the following prompt: “Tell me about real estate in an easy way so I can explain its benefits to readers.”

Not only can ChatGPT help you understand complicated topics, but it can also summarize research. This means you don’t have to struggle through pages of a scientific journal. Instead, you can copy the journal into ChatGPT and have it tell you the most important points in simple language. This saves you time having to understand complicated topics, looking up the definition of thighs, and losing time where you could be more efficient doing something else.

An example of summarizing research with ChatGPT could be copying the whole scientific article on how a complicated supplement gets broken in the body, and asking ChatGPT to tell you what the chemical process is and important key takeaways.

When learning what is your most helpful use of ChatGPT for your site, it’s important to look at the big picture. By implementing ChatGPT in little ways, like giving you content ideas or proofreading your article, you will be well on your way to saving yourself time and making your articles even better with ChatGPT’s help.


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