Where Should I Wear Amazonite?

With its cool green-blue hue and soothing energy, amazonite is a gemstone that can complement any style. But if you want to fully benefit from amazonite’s reputed powers, strategic placement on the body or in your living space is key. Here is a guide to the best ways to wear or display amazonite for maximum metaphysical impact.

At your desk: Keeping amazonite tumblestones or a small dish of rough chunks near your workspace is ideal for promoting calm, focus and creative flow during busy workdays. The cool blue-green color is said to have a relaxing effect on the mind, helping to ease stress and mental chatter when you need to concentrate. Place amazonite by your computer, on your desk or even hold a palm stone during important meetings to stay centered.

As jewelry: Wearing amazonite jewelry is an excellent way to tap into the stone’s energy throughout your day. Rings, bracelets and necklaces keep the vibration close to your auric field so you can continuously absorb its benefits. For necklaces, longer chains placing amazonite near the heart or higher are preferred for spiritual healing. But avoid wearing amazonite to bed as its mentally stimulating powers may make sleep difficult.

In the car: Road rage getting you worked up during your daily commute? Put an amazonite stone in your center console or cup holder to help you stay calm and focused on busy roads. You can also apply amazonite stickers to your dashboard or hang a stone from the rearview mirror where you can see its serene color while driving. The stone’s energy is said to ease frustration and anger, keeping your cool when traffic gets hectic.

Near electronics: Crystal healers recommend placing amazonite stones around electronic devices in your home to help neutralize electromagnetic radiation emitted from gadgets. The stones’ energy is believed to absorb and transmute EMF smog into a more harmonious vibration, reducing harsh effects on your personal energy field.

In the bedroom: To solve sleeping troubles, place an amazonite stone under your pillow or on a nightstand near your bed. The stone’s energy is thought to gently calm the mind and nervous system, allowing restful sleep. However, avoid wearing amazonite jewelry to bed as close skin contact may have an overstimulating effect.

In the living room: Display amazonite in your favorite relaxation nook to deepen your leisure time. Put stones on an end table next to your favorite couch or armchair to unwind with their serene vibe. You can also incorporate amazonite into coffee or side tables around seating areas. Gazing at the greenish-blue tones is said to instantly relax the eyes and mind.

At the entryway: Place amazonite stones by your front door or just inside the entryway to your home. Crystal healers believe this helps whisk away stress, frustration, or loneliness you’ve accumulated during the day as you walk through the door. It’s also thought to protect against absorbing negative energy from outside your home.

There are no rules etched in stone when it comes to harnessing the power of amazonite. Simply trusting your intuition on where you’re drawn to incorporate this crystal is the best guide. Let the calming greenish-blue hues uplift your spirit wherever you need a boost of soothing energy in your life.

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