Why do dust allergies occur? 2022

Why do dust allergies occur?

Why do dust allergies occur? the different seasons of each species (region) are formed by nature. The human body is formed in such a way that it becomes accustomed to the climate of the area in which it spends most of its time.

Why do dust allergies occur?
Why do dust allergies occur?

Sometimes on the way, sometimes in a remote area. Now it also depends on how much the body of such and such a person can tolerate climate change. For example, some people get ‘motion sickness’, meaning they are still on the way, dizziness, nausea or vomiting. Seems to come

Some people suffer from such disorders after reaching a certain area, which proves that as soon as the area changes, the body begins to evolve into chemical twists and turns. Being is a matter of course.

Why dust allergies occur?

Some people are harmed by eggs, others by the meat of large or small animals. In the same way, in the spring, people with weak nerves (those who are weak and sensitive) are harmed by the climate.

Unreasonable particles, known as “suspended particles”, are really found in the air. These particles enter the aviation routes during breath. Presently assuming they contain any microbes, they get an opportunity to remain in the small hairs ‘cilia’ in the aviation routes, this is the place where they start their development.

Dust sensitivity is a comparative kind of sensitivity. In the event that an inward assessment of the nose is done, fine hairs are found in the nose of an individual, then, at that point, thick and somewhat lengthy hairs are available in the nose. A comparable circumstance is with air conduits. By their activity, destructive substances are ousted through hacks and sniffles.

Why do allergies occur?

The majority of people today suffer from sniffing allergies, due to the fact that fragrances contain chemicals.

For example, rose scents contain tannins, nectar (an ingredient also used by bees), liquids, adhesives and volatile oils. As soon as an object enters the human body, the enzymes (enzymes) present in the human body break it down into its components, this process is called catalysis.

In the red flower because the adhesive component (which is responsible for its perfume and other incense sticks) sticks to the cilia of the airways, and the oil of the fleece (because the oil is very thin though But it is also very helpful in the process of adhesion.

Why do dust allergies

In response, the airways secrete material to wash it, but because the oils reduce the movement of the cilia, this material also accumulates, and now the airway cavity is narrowed Feelings and shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, colds, flu, so that as the airway secretes more material, causes complications to increase.

This substance is termed as histamine or dehydration, so physicians prescribe antihistamines or mucus.

When the fiber is thin, histamine is easily excreted through the nose or saliva. In humid weather, allergies appear to be exacerbated by the fact that the outer material adheres well to the cilia, and some people develop these disorders with special fragrances.

The reason is that the fragrance in the item actually detects the presence of oil fugitive in the item, and almost every flower has some amount of adhesive material, so they enter the body and do the same thing. ۔

Why each flower differs in fragrance depends on what kind of alkaloids and sponges are in it, but it is such a vast knowledge that in a nutshell it is the characteristic and identity of this flower.

do dust allergies occur?

If the fluid released from the airway is sour, it can cause scratching (injury) in the cells. If the fluid is alkaline, it can cause lace. And the cough (disorders) is given to be eliminated, but even if there is an intentional injury, there is some relief for a while, but after a while the old disorders come back again.

Unfortunately, most physicians do not pay attention to anti-inflammatory drugs. Because the cilia move from the bottom to the top, it is easy for nature to expel poor material through the nose and saliva. This is why allergy sufferers wear a cloth over their noses to complain of nasal congestion as soon as the scent reaches the nose. Is.

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