World’s coolest concept car – Mercedes AVTR – 2021

World’s coolest concept car – Mercedes AVTR – 2021

World's coolest concept car - Mercedes AVTR
World’s coolest concept car – Mercedes AVTR

Okay this is perhaps the most insane vehicle on the whole planet there’s just one of these on the planet we’re taking it to the desert i will show you around and we’re even going to get to driving

so the present article is an outright banger ensure you watch until the end .this is the mercedes vision abtr . i’m not going to lie i’m really energized I mean this is the sort of vehicle that when you get the call your eyebrows go up mercedes called me they resembled hello sergey uh you need to do a vehicle survey.

I resembled better believe it sure they resembled it’s

coolest car

the avtr I resembled you know it’s one of those sorts of vehicles this thing is really exceptional and on the off chance that you don’t have a clue what this will be this thing is fundamentally a momentous conflict between the group over at symbol and mercedes avtr essentially represents symbol it likewise represents progressed vehicle change .

first you’ll see that everything here is totally similar to illuminated it’s gleaming right however when you charge it additionally changes so when you charge it everything sort of goes inwards this is really cool and simultaneously .

it’s likewise a marker like a blinker so when you need to turn all you got to do is press the button and there it is there’s your pointer I thought I had cool edges and afterward you see this thing my edges resemble a like a little plastic hubcap close to this.

Mercedes AVTR

so the motivation for this is additionally from the film symbol it’s from the seeds of the tree of spirits and i’ll be cursed in case it doesn’t look precisely like the seeds of the tree of spirits I imply that is in a real sense it you’ll likewise see that these don’t seem as though typical wheels they’re really circles and every single one of these wheels can turn around 30 degrees and they can each drive independently .

so what you get is you can drive in various

extraordinary ways this thing can in a real sense drive sideways it can drive corner to corner clearly in the front what you have is the mercedes-benz logo drawing nearer right what you’ll see is that you have this multitude of minimal individual lights that is really cool.

I imply that that seems as though the future OK how about we circumvent the side you have the glass entryways we’ll open them in a second since first I need to show you the back this is my main thing from the vehicle what you have are 33 scales mercedes calls these bionic folds and what they do is they move .

take a gander at that so presently they’ve all become red when you break it becomes red and they all move like this however at that point when you speed up they all press forward and become blue in reality in any event, when you’re driving these Things will turn with you in various

headings and it makes such a wonderful sound wow.

that is really cool right so again this thing makes the vehicle in a real sense resemble it’s alive so when mercedes calls these bionic folds clearly bio comes from the greek root word life and bionic is a fake body part.

so these are exacting counterfeit scales which make the vehicle resemble an animal right it makes it look like something at this point not simply a vehicle down here you have these unobtrusive lights and the

quicker you exceed everyone’s expectations lights will really push you have this wonderful tail light going all through the whole back and clearly vision

abtr vision symbol

okay an ideal opportunity to go inside so no entryway handles or anything right well there’s a mysterious button a little finger impression scanner check whether I can get this right and

goodness better believe it this is so cool.

you perceive how it in a real sense appears as though a wing creepy crawly wings resemble straightforward that is somewhat what it resembles it’s even got that sort of bended shape

it’s really cool very cool okay so investigate within no guiding wheel no issue.

i’ll show you why in a second however take a gander at this thing check out within this resembles a spaceship okay so we should go bit by bit above all else these seats are vegetarian cowhide so what mercedes has done is they’ve consolidated extravagance with manageability and surprisingly this part it’s really wood it comes from a tree and some of you folks are thinking like well you cut down a tree for this

no really the root can become intrusive

assuming that it congests so what mercedes does is they get a mutually beneficial arrangement by in a real sense cutting and extricating this wood cautiously just before the wood becomes obtrusive so save some vegetation and simultaneously you get a very cool nearly nothing

inside this is both the drivers and the front seat since you can drive

this vehicle from here or from that point .

it doesn’t have an effect since this is both the directing haggle brake to speed up it you push forward to turn the vehicle turn it sideways and you can crab walk it by in a real sense turning this whole thing we’re driving in a subsequent good what’s likewise really cool is at the secondary lounge you see the back seat that really curves and turns into the headrest.

so when I put my hand on here you see that the whole thing becomes animated gander at that there it is

you have a projection gracious my god.this is energizing

that that is really cool that is really cool better believe it you feel like you’re in a type of like a fantasy you don’t feel like you’re out and about you hear that little heartbeat so the thing this is doing is this is really examining my pulse and it can really tell through this scanner and this projector who’s driving the vehicle.

so it’ll really adjust to you which is totally insane okay here it is we should drive it so first i will pull forward and we’re off wow OK seems as though I would i be able to would i be able to can gradually turn it like this glance at that we’re crab strolling now we are crab strolling gracious poo walk the alternate way .wow.

look we’re driving towards ludo at the present time

we’re totally crab strolling see this however’s it feels so weird to have the option to be crab strolling at present so look so when I turn it left like this when I slant it we turn like that when I turn right you’ll see we’re turning and when I turn it the alternate way we’ll begin turning the alternate way forward is speed up and in reverse is to break and you can likewise switch.

that was one of the most insane driving encounters of as long as I can remember no joke I went around 20 kilometers an hour yet it was a sizable amount of I mean it was totally insane to drive that thing and really see a crab walk and everything

what do you all think.

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