Yes I’m Modern Women – Short Moral Stories On Woman

Yes I'm Modern Women - Short Stories With Moral Value

She was ready to go to the market dressed in curtains from head to toe, locked out of the flat and handed the πŸ”‘ key over to the neighbor so that her children could easily enter the house in the event of a delay. The neighbor holding the key πŸ”‘ looked at her with meaningful eyes πŸ‘€ and went inward with a slightly sarcastic smile.

She was πŸ˜” sadly coming down the stairs, shaking her head That neighbor’s husband, Daniyal, appeared to be coming upstairs. On seeing this, the revelation shone in the eyes πŸ‘€ of Daniyal Sahib. From a very long distance, he loudly addressed, ” Hey bhabhi Jan,” all the loud words were put on the word ” Jan,” Going somewhere, If you need anything, tell us I am here for youΫ”

” No, Brother, your kindness, there’s just something important -” He replied seriously 😐 and moved on. Daniyal Sahib’s eyes πŸ‘€ remained confused in his πŸ‘Ώ veil for a long time, and a smile crept over his lips.

Yes I'm Modern Women - Short Stories With Moral Value
Yes I’m Modern Women – Short Moral Stories On Woman

On the main road, he felt as if everyone was catching him with ridiculous πŸ‘€ eyes, and it was not a matter of one day, he had to face all these things every time he came out. And the reason was his πŸ§• burqa!

It was living in this modern area where the full dress was rarely seen in women. It was really strange to wear a burqa πŸ§•- it would look like a plate covered with countless dishes 🍽️ on the open table, and everyone is just curious about the plate, leaving all the tablecloths. But the situation of all was that just as the bees 🐝 could not mess up this covered plate, and they could not mix the burqa πŸ§• even if it was filled with the eyes πŸ‘€ of society.

Upon arriving at the market, she entered a grocery store πŸ›’ and took out a list πŸ“‹ of deals to review the item. After buying the goods, she was on the outside, suddenly having a voice behind her.

” Ignorant woman.”

As he turned to look at the sound, a fashionable girl with red sleeves πŸ‘—wearing red shortstop in blue jeans πŸ‘– appeared in front of him, staring at him 😠 angrily.

He raised the question to the girl, and then the girl πŸ§• again addressed – ” We women are degraded because of ignorant women like you πŸ§•. Only women like you are cutting our noses everywhere. We do not stand at the level of equality.” We are considered weak. What do you want to prove by wearing this six-yard β›Ί tent? Learn to walk with the world, where the world has become so modern and where ignorant women like you are now. Even ignorant women like you have not yet come out of this β›Ί tent. “

Yes I'm Modern Women - Short Stories With Moral Value
Yes I’m Modern Women – Short Moral Stories On Woman

He calmly listened to her, then went two steps forward And spoke affectionately.
” In the age of ignorance, when there was no πŸ•Œ Islam, people were helpless. Then Islam πŸ•Œ came to understand the people and people started to cover themselves up. Eventually, ignorance disappeared, and people began to become modern.

Now decide for yourself what is the difference between Wandering in the jungles naked in that age of ignorance and walking in the streets, parks, and hotels in the modern πŸ‘— era.

I don’t care if I was ignorant at times, but I would cover up and hide because I was, ” I’m really a modern girl πŸ§•.”

Saying that he turned back in a proud way, the two men πŸ‘¬ coming from the front gave him a way to pass him. With a feeling of gratitude, he looked up at the sky, and a satisfying little tear πŸ’§ will come out of his eye and absorb into the burqa.

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