Zong Daily Internet Package – Zong Net Packages

Zong Daily Internet Package - Zong Net Packages

In the Zong daily Internet package, Zong offers four types of bundles and other packages. These packages vary over time and range of data. These are for users who are not frequent users of the Internet and want to download something immediately. Check out the bundles and enjoy a hassle-free internet surfing without worrying about a low balance. Even for people from all walks of life, Zong net packages are very affordable. Here are the bundles.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Daily Basic Rs. 17+Tax 100MB 1 Day
Daily Data Max Rs. 38+Tax 500MB Data + 500MB YouTube 1 Day
Daytime Offer Rs. 16+Tax 1200MB Applicable from 4am to 7pm
Zong Night Internet Package Rs. 16+Tax 2.5GB Applicable from 1am to 9am


You can also dial * 6464 # for the tariff activation menu of your Cell-Phone.


Dial *102# Charges 10 Paisa +Tax per inquiry


The Out-of-Bundle Rate Rs. 1 + tax / MB and the bundle will be charged as per expiration.


  • If you use the Internet without subscribing to any data bundle, Rs. 4 + tax / MB will be charged.
  • The minimum charging plus the default usage is 1MB.

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF Zong Daily Internet Package

The above taxes/charges will apply:

  1. Each recharge applies to the Advanced Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5%
  2. Sales tax (GST) is applicable at 19.5%


  • YouTube can be used for YouTube and taped TV services
  • YouTube resources are not part of rollover resources

How can I activate Zong Internet package?

Zong Social Internet prepaid packages
➵ Dial * 6464 # for the tariff activation menu.
➵ Dial * 102 # to check the rest of the data.
➵ If you use the Internet without subscribing to any data bundles, the default rate will be 4 + tax / MB.
➵ The minimum charging plus the default usage is 1MB.

How can I subscribe Zong data SIM package?

Zong Internet Sim Bundle (Dial * 6666 #)

➵ Visit your nearest CSC / Franchise or a Zong retailer and get your Internet SIM.
➵ Internet SIM can only be activated with one bundle, so at the time of purchase, the Zong agent will activate a Zong net Packages of your choice, and your internet SIM will be ready to use.
➵ All SIM bundles on the Internet are automatically renewable, and you only have to recharge the bundle amount when the package expires.
➵ You can also subscribe to Add On GNO (Good Night Offer), which gives you 1 GB per night for the rest of your validation of your original bundle. This 1GB is usable from 1 am to 9 pm.
➵ You can dial * 6666 # from your internet SIM to select and subscribe to your favorite bundle.
➵ Internet SIM Price: 100 PKR

What is Zong daytime offer?

Zong today introduced this new limited-time advertisement called “Zong Daytime Offer” that allows its users to use 2GB of 3G or 4G data – depending on network availability – for Rs. 500 Will be facilitated. Daily 10 However, users can use the “Zong Daytime Offer” from 4 am to 4 pm, and this offer is applicable only.

How can I deactivate my Zong daily basic package?

How to subscribe
➵ To unsubscribe from any of the aforementioned bundles, dial * 64 dial dial64 #, reply with all for One In One Bundle, reply with the required package to subscribe, and 3 to unsubscribe. 
➵ You will then receive an SMS confirming the subscription.
➵ Also, you can send an SMS to 6464 using the following commands

Zong Daily Internet Package

Zong was the first cellular company to receive a 4G license during a spectrum auction in 2014. Since then, it has become the first choice of most 4G customers in Pakistan. Zong 4G currently has more than 5 million 4G users making it the most used 4G network in Pakistan. The company also serves approximately 10 million customers through its 3G network.

As of February 2018, Zong has a total number of 4G LTE users of 5.1 million, while its 3G network has 9.1 million users.

Zong Daily Internet Package – Online Shop

Ever since the acquisition of 3G / 4G bandwidth, Zong has introduced competitive internet bundles for its customers’ network at several prices. The company also offers Zong Youtube Package and Zong facebook Package on its 3G / 4G connections. Besides, consumers can choose daily, weekly, and monthly Zong Internet packages according to their needs. Zong includes a free Internet, bundle of free minutes, SMS, and Internet MB.

With a superfast Internet connection, you can access your work remotely from home or anywhere you want, from the Cloud Desktop Online to any device with Citrix Video, such as QuickBox Hosting, Office 365 Enterprise E5. For better productivity like Sweet.

One of the best daily multi-purpose bundles you can subscribe to Zong is its Zong Full Gap package. Under this package, users will get 75 on-line minutes, 100 free SMS, and 30 internet MBs for only Rs 5. Zong 4G users can also go for the Zong daily internet package. You can purchase this bundle for 15 days with a one-day duration and a subscription fee of Rs 15.

Zong has the most extensive user base for its 4G network in Pakistan, with 5 million 4G users. The company offers impressive call and Zong SMS packages, including some free rides.

With Zong, you can enjoy free unlimited Facebook and Zong Whatsapp Package, which is why you don’t have to pay anything. Zong also offers a great internet deal when buying a new SIM. When you get a new Zong SIM, you get 2000 MB of data. Plus, you can check out all the Zong 4G devices packages here.

Zong gives its customers a lot of flexibility when it comes to packages. You can get daily, weekly, and Zong monthly package at your convenience and convenience. That’s one of the reasons that Zong has reached more than 5 million 4G users than any other network. Zong’s user base grew after the company identified it as #PakistansNo1DataNetwork Zong 4G.

The company has more than 30 million users, making it the third-largest mobile service in Pakistan in terms of the customer base. It’s also a strong PR game.

In 2011, Zong joined growing football fans in Pakistan and signed a three-year contract with English football club Manchester United. In the video for the deal, United starters like Roy Ferdinand and Ashley Young were playing street football with Pakistani kids. You can check out Zong Internet Packages.

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