Zong Free Facebook for Postpaid and Prepaid

Zong Free Facebook for Postpaid and Prepaid

Facebook is one of the world’s leading social networks. Pakistani people also want to stay linked through the Facebook platform with their loved ones. It takes you closer to your loved ones. It brings new friends to you, too. Briefly, Facebook has been a powerful way of communicating. But you can’t keep posting on Facebook if you don’t have enough internet bucket. What if you want your latest pictures on Facebook to be shared with your friends and have some MB on your bucket?

Free Facebook for new Zong users

For 14 days, new Zong SIM users can use Facebook free of charge. If you want to use it, please build a Facebook account using your Zong number, and for the next 14 days you will receive unlimited Facebook info.

Facebook Flex

Zong offers Facebook users a very basic social offer called Facebook Flex. For Flex Zong users, Facebook brings Facebook free. Balance is not necessary. Some things are included in Facebook’s free mode.

Free mode

You can review your status, upload new status, post your comment. You will talk with friends and submit and receive requests from friends.

Data mode

You can post and view HD images and external links if you choose to use Facebook in data mode. In this mode, you need to pay for the use of Facebook.

Zong Facebook Free Basics

Facebook Free Basics gives you free use of Facebook, Facebook Messenger and several other websites. Free Basics offers free access to more than 50 pages free of charge.

When using Facebook, all you have to do is turn to “Free Mode.”

There is no Facebook Free Basics subscription code.

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